On-Line Password Tools

Change Network Password

Your three campus accounts now offer a password self-service feature that will allow you to reset or change your passwords on-line. To take advantage of this feature, please take a few moments and enroll for each account listed below.

Once you have successfully completed the quick enrollment process for each account you may reset your passwords when needed. You can even reset these passwords from off campus if needed. If you do not register for these features you will need to visit the Help Desk in person with a photo ID to reset your passwords.

Network Account

Network Account

This account allows you to log into all University-owned computers, faculty/staff emails, wireless/residential networks, and library resources when off campus. There are two different on-line features for the network account:


  • You must register for the reset feature. The reset feature allows you to reset the password for your SSU network account if necessary.


  • There is no registration for this feature. The change feature allows you to change your password if it has expired (great for Allied Health students) or if it is flagged to force a password change. This is important to new students who want to connect to the SSU wireless or residential network (ResNet).

Network Account Password - Registration

Follow the directions below to utilize the network account password self-service reset feature. During the enrollment process, you will be offered 10 questions of which you must answer. If you forget your password you will be able to reset your account by answering 3 of the 5 questions correctly.

  1. Visit the Network Account Self-service Registration page at https://id.shawnee.edu/
  2. Enter your Network Username and Password when prompted
  3. Click on Register
  4. You will be prompted to enter your network password again
  5. Click Authenticate
  6. You will be asked to answer five of the ten questions – you must answer at least 5
  7. Click Finish - You are now registered for the Network Account Password Self-Service Reset feature!

Now that you are registered, you can reset your password from anywhere, either on or off campus.

Network Account Password - Reset

If you have forgotten your network password and have completed the registration process above, it can be reset from any lab computer on campus by clicking "Reset Password" from the login page. If you are off campus visit https://id.shawnee.edu/PasswordReset to reset the network account password.

Regardless of your location simply follow the prompts on the screen and you will be able to reset your network account password.

Network Account Password - Change

This feature allows for the change of your network account password. In order to use this feature you must know the current network account password.

This feature is useful in two important circumstances:

  1. Expired Passwords – The network account password expires every 90 days. This is beneficial for the students who take courses that may not be on campus but need access to library resources.
  2. One-Time Password - New accounts are flagged to force a student to reset their password upon first successful logon. Just follow the link below to change passwords online.

To change your password follow this link https://id.shawnee.edu/PasswordChange.

For more detailed information on your MySSU account please visit www.shawnee.edu/uis.

MySSU Account

MySSU Account

This account is used to access SSU’s Web Portal. The MySSU account also provides integrated logon for Blackboard and uses the Student/Staff ID number that can be found on your student ID card.

  1. Visit MySSU at https://myssu.shawnee.edu/ics/
  2. Once successfully logged into MySSU, click on Personal Info (next to your name).
  3. The MyInfo window will appear. Now click on Password.
  4. Near the bottom of the MyInfo – Manage Password window click on Password Hint.
  5. Provide the required information and click Save.
  6. You will now be able to make use of the password self-service reset feature for MySSU.

Once you have registered for the password reset feature, if you forget your password for MySSU, it can be reset by completing the steps below.

  1. Attempt to log into MySSU -- if the wrong password is used you will have the option to have a new password generated and then emailed to you.
  2. Select Password Hint on the next screen to have the new password emailed to you.

For more detailed information on your MySSU account please visit www.shawnee.edu/uis

Student Email Account

Student Email Account

The SSU @MyMail account provides access to student email hosted by Microsoft and managed by Shawnee State University. To register for the password self-service reset feature for your @MyMail account, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign into the Live@edu account service site at http://account.live.com
  2. Under the Password and Security Info section it is recommended that you provide an alternate email address and complete the question section.

To reset your password enter your email address then click Can't Access Your Account and follow the prompts provided.

Note: Because student email is a hosted service the design and features may change without prior notice to UIS or students. UIS will make every effort to notify students of planned changes to student email, when notified by Microsoft.

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