Student Employment

Student Employment

Student Employment is an on-campus employment opportunity for eligible students. There are many part-time jobs available on campus that vary in skill level, offering the student the opportunity to further develop their work-life skills. Student Employment also provides the student a means of financial assistance. Additionally, student employment positions provide necessary services for each department's operations at Shawnee State University.  

Primary Eligibility Requirements

Student Employment Guidelines/Eligibility Requirements have been updated.  Review the “Student Employment Guidelines” attached below for the most recent information.

Supervisor - additional guidelines for work assignments and duties that outline the types of work students should be performing are explained in the “Student Assignment Guidelines” attached below.

How to Apply for Student Employment

Complete the application on the Career Opportunities at SSU applicant Portal by responding to an open posting.

Please submit only one application per semester. Sending multiple applications does not increase your chances of obtaining student employment. Duplicate applications will be deleted.

Student Employment Job Postings

Student Employment positions are posted on the Career Opportunities at SSU applicant portal. Beginning December 1, 2014, you can apply online at any time for any posted job - just click on the 'Apply to this Job' link in the Posting.  

IMPORTANT: filling out an application does not guarantee that you will be hired.  If you are hired by a department on campus, you must go to Human Resources to complete the necessary employment paperwork before starting work.

Current Student Employment Wage Rate

The wage rate for student employment is the currently effective minimum wage.

What is the difference between Student Employment and College Work Study?

Student employees are paid from department funds. Federal College Work Study students are paid from federal funds as part of their financial aid package. Therefore, financial need is considered as part of the Federal College Work Study award process. To apply for Federal Work Study, you must contact the Financial Aid Office at Shawnee State University or go to their webpage at Federal Work Study. Wages earned under Student Employment or Federal Work Study are not applied to a student's financial aid package.

Supervisor (Administrative) Responsibilities


When the department has a vacant student employment position available, the supervisor is required to submit a position description to Human Resources by completing a Department Job Vacancy Form on the Human Resources website or through a link provided on MySSU.

  • Department Job Vacancy Form 

Once received, Human Resources will provide a list of candidates matching the desired qualifications within five (5) working days. 


!! Supervisors must be certain that students do not begin working until all employment paperwork is completed !!

The supervisor must complete the required Authorization to Hire or Change Notice and submit to Human Resources.  Be sure to include account number(s) and required signatures.

Authorizations to Hire must be completed in full, including all necessary funding account numbers (e.g. XX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX). Please note that the wage rate for student employees is the currently effective minimum wage rate. In the event information is omitted from the form, it will be returned to the department for completion (this will result in delays). Once the Authorization to Hire has been approved and submitted, please ensure your student employee completes the necessary employment paperwork in Human Resources.

Student Time Reports:

Student Time Sheets are due in Payroll every other Friday (on "pay day" Friday's).  A Lead Sheet must be submitted with all student time sheets.  The Student Time Sheet & Instructions are attached below.

Student Worker Responsibilities

Pay Schedule & Time Sheet:

Student Employment is paid on a biweekly basis (every other Friday unless otherwise notified).  Time sheets must be submitted to Payroll every other Friday (on "pay day" Friday's).  Download and save the pay schedule & time sheet below.  The pay schedule shows the appropriate pay period to use on your time sheet.  The hours you work are verified and approved by your supervisor.  Failure to complete and submit the hours you worked to your supervisor will result in not getting paid according to the pay schedule. Deadlines for submission of your time are also shown on the pay schedule for your information.  It is your responsibility to follow up with your supervisor to ensure your time report has been submitted to payroll.

As always, feel free to contact Human Resources at (740) 351-3167 or Payroll at (740) 351-3104 if you have any questions. Thank you so much in advance.


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