Grants Management

University Grant Seeking Procedures

If you are thinking about writing a grant, there are a few simple steps at Shawnee State that need to be followed.

Finding potential funding sources: Once you have developed your idea, contact the GMO if you need assistance in researching potential grant-makers. Once identified, take time to become familiar with the funding agent, with their eligibility requirements, and with the specific requirements of the agent’s Request for Proposals. Establish a contact person within the organization who can provide information and insight that will be helpful in developing your proposal.

Required: Preparation of the “Notice of Intent to Apply” form - Now that you have found a funding agent and have read the Request for Proposals, the on-line “Notice of Intent to Apply” form must be submitted. Completion and acceptance of this form assures you that appropriate offices and departments within the University are aware and supportive of your grant seeking efforts.

Required: Budget Approval by the Office of Finance and Administration – Once you submitted your Notice of Intent to Apply, you will be contacted by the Grants Management Office and a grants accountant. Before the final draft of your grant is complete, the budget and budget narrative must be approved by the Office of Finance and Administration. These documents, along with a brief summary of the proposed grant activities must be reviewed and approved by the Vice President of Finance and Administration before the grant will be submitted to the funding agent. Please keep in mind that budget review and approval is time consuming, so establishing communication early on with the assigned grants accountant is very important.

University policies: As you develop your proposal idea, become familiar with Shawnee State University policies that govern grants and research projects. These grant and research-related policies are available on this website.

Grants Management

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Courtney Hayward
Institutional Grants Officer
Department of Institutional Research and Sponsored Programs
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Phone: (740) 351-3412

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