Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance is a comprehensive planning budget, which consists of tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses. Of these components, the expenses directly owed to Shawnee State University include tuition and fees and room and board for students living on campus. The costs listed below are for two semesters.

Student Cost of Attendance for Full-time Enrollment for 2015-16

  Living with Parents Living Off Campus Living On Campus
  In State Out of State In State Out of State In State Out of State
Tuition/Fees $7558 $12,956 $7558 $12,956 $7558 $12,956
Room/Board $3542 $3542 $6132 $6132 $9766 $9766
Books/Supplies $1440 $1440 $1440 $1440 $1440 $1440
Transportation $2760 $2760 $2760 $2760 $920 $920
Personal $2568 $2568 $2568 $2568 $2568 $2568
Loan Fees $74 $74 $74 $74 $74 $74
Total $17,942 $23,340 $20,532 $25,930 $22,326 $27,724


Tuition charges are estimated pending SSU Board of Trustees approval. Undergraduate in-state tuition will not exceed an increase of $193. Graduate in-state tuition will not exceed an increase of $232.

In some cases, we can build an individual budget for a student or add additional educational expenses with appropriate documentation. Some of the more common expenses for which we can adjust a budget include the following:

  • dependent child care
  • disability-related expenses
  • computer purchase

In order to discuss having your budget adjusted, you would need to obtain appropriate documentation detailing the additional expenses and contact the Financial Aid Office.

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