Policies and Procedures at SSU

The University Policies and Procedures web pages may be searched by category or number.  The policies listed below are grouped numerically. Click on the links below to access the policies. Note that some policies have corresponding procedures located directly below the policy.

1.01: Bylaws of the Board of Trustees
1.03: Evaluation of President
1.04: Honorary Degree
1.05: Investment
2.06: Approval of Graduates
2.08: Academic Program Review
     Procedure: 2.08:1 Academic Program Review
2.10: Administration of Inventions,Discoveries & Patents for Faculty & Staff
2.11: Faculty Workload
2.13: Misconduct in Scientific and Scholarly Research (Rescinded)
2.15: University Promotion and Tenure System
2.16: Intellectual Property Rights for Students
3.00: Admission & Degree Requirements
3.04: Student Education Records Privacy and Release
     Procedure: 3.04:1 Student Education Records Privacy and Release 
3.17: Student Conduct Code
3.19: Alcohol on Campus
      Procedure: 3.19:1 Alcohol-On-Campus Events and Conferences
3.20: University Housing
3.21: Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
     Procedure: 3.21:1 Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
3.22: Student Service Members and Veterans
4.00: Purchasing Authority
     Procedure: 4.00:1 Procurement Services and Selection of Vendors
     Procedure: 4.00:2 Bidding, Minority Vendors & Waivers
     Procedure: 4.00:3 Purchasing Card
     Procedure: 4.00:4 Surplus Property
4.02: Asset Management
     Procedure: 4.02:1 Asset Management
4.10: Travel Authority and Driving Rules
     Procedure: 4.10:1 Travel Authority-Business Rules
     Procedure: 4.10:2 Driving Rules    
4.13: Meeting Expenditures
4.14: Entertainment Policy on & Off-Campus (Rescinded)
4.21: Cash Management
     Procedure: 4.21:1 Basic Cash Management Information
     Procedure: 4.21:2 Department Cash Handling Responsibilities
     Procedure: 4.21:3 Collection and Receipt of Cash, Checks & Credit Cards
     Procedure: 4.21:4 Deposit Requirements
     Procedure: 4.21:5 Petty Cash Funds and Change Funds
     Procedure: 4.21:6 Cash Control within Departments
4.22: University Reserves or Allocated Fund Balances - UNDER REVIEW
4.40: Access to University Buildings
     Procedure: 4.40:1 Building Access and Key Control
4.44: Use of University Facilities & Reservation of Space
     Procedure: 4.44:1 Use of University Facilities & Reservation of Space
4.51: Administrators and ATSS Employment Actions
     Procedure: 4.51:1 Performance Evaluations and Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
     Procedure: 4.51:2 New Hire Probationary Status
4.52: Administrative Leaves
4.53: Compensation for Administrative Employees
4.54: Administrative Staff Development Tuition Reimbursement Off-Campus
4.58: On-Campus Education Benefits
4.64: Relocation Expense Reimbursement
     Procedure: 4.64:1 Relocation Expense Reimbursement
4.66: Professional Leaves of Absence for Administrators With Pay
4.67: Professional Leaves of Absence for Administrators Without Pay
4.69: Concern Resolution
     Procedure: 4.69:1 Concern Resolution
4.73: Tuition Waivers for Adjunct Faculty
4.75: Use of University Resources
4.77 Retirement and Re-employment
      Procedure: 4.77:1 Post-Retirement Re-Employment of Retiring Administrators or
Technical Support Staff (ATSS)                                             
4.78: Identity Theft Policy: Red Flag Rules
4.79: Department of Campus Security
4.80: Security Officers - Recruitment, Selection & Appointment
4.81: Security - Probationary Period
4.82: Security - Holiday
4.83: Security - Vacation
4.84: Security - Performance Management
4.85: Security - Corrective Action
4.86: Security - Wages
4.89: Security - Reduction in Force
4.90: Tuition and Other Student Fees, Fines and Charges
      Procedure 4.90:1 Course Fees - Management and Use
4.91: Naming of University Buildings and Campus Areas
     Procedure: 4.91:1 Naming of University Buildings and Campus Areas
4.92: Student Enrollment: Business Functions
     Procedure: 4.92:1 Business Functions
4.93: Controlling Infectious and Communicable Diseases
     Procedure: 4.93:1 Infectious and Communicable Disease
4.94: Electronic Signatures
5.00: Policies and Procedures
     Procedure: 5.00:1 Policy and Procedure System and Review Process
5.01: Non-Discrimination/Sexual Harassment
     Interim Procedure: 5.01:1 Affirmative Action Hiring Guidelines (Under Review)
     Procedure: 5.01:2 Reporting & Investigating Sexual Assault, Sexual Misconduct & Other Forms of Discrimination
     Interim Procedure: 5.01:3 Affirmative Action for Vietnam Era and Disabled Vets (Under Review)
     Procedure: 5.01:5 Accommodation for Employees with Disabilities
     Procedure: 5.01:6 Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
5.06: Drug Free Campus & Workplace
5.07: Drug Free Workplace (Rescinded)
5.08: Smoking
5.09: Cancellation of Classes and Closing the University
    Procedure: 5.09:1 Closing and Cancellation
5.10: Solicitations and Demonstrations
    Procedure: 5.10:1 Solicitations, Distribution of Material, and Outdoor Demonstrations
5.11: Media, Social Media, & Web Sites
5:13: Grants Application Approval and Management
5.16: President's Authority to Appoint Personnel and Manage Positions
5.18: Emeritus Faculty
5.19: Public Records
     Procedure: 5.19:1 Public Records
5.21: Bloodborne Pathogens
      Procedure: 5.21:1 Bloodborne Pathogens-Exposure Control Plan
5.22: Chemical Hazards
      Procedure: 5.22:1 Chemical Hazard Communication Program
5.25: Human Subject Research
    Procedure:  5.25:1 Research Involving Human Subjects
5.26: Business Enterprise Development (Rescinded)
5.27: Signature Authority for Contracts
     Procedure: 5.27:1 Signature Authorization
5.28: University Parking
      Procedure: 5.28:1 University Parking
5.30: Campus Computer and Network Use
5.31: Solicitation of Gifts and Private Funds
      Procedure: 5.31:1 Fundraising Guidelines & Processes
5.32: Ethics: Conflicts of Interest and Nepotism
5.33: Emeritus Administrator
5.34: Records Management, Retention and Disposal
     Procedure: 5.34:1 Records Management, Retention and Disposal
5.35: Emergency Management
5.36: Banning Individuals from University Property
     Procedure: 5.36:1 Circumstances & Processes to Ban Individuals from University Property
5.37: Suicide Prevention Program
5.38: Equal Opportunity (Under Review)




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