LPN Transition Information

Advanced Placement for LPN's

LPN's may receive advanced placement into the second semester of the associate degree program by successful completion (grade of "C" or better) of the following courses:

  • ADNR 1197 Transition to Registered Nursing
  • BIOL 1130 Principles of Anatomy & Physiology
  • PSYC 1101 Introduction to Psychology

LPN's can elect to take the HESI OB exam with the option to have ADNR 2253 waived upon achieving a score on the OB exam of 900 or higher. Students with a score of less than 900 will be required to complete ADNR 2253.

Criteria for Admission

The student must posses a valid, active, non-restricted LPN license.

Student's with less than 20 hours of college credit, must have a composite score of 22 and 18 or above in all other sections of the ACT. If a student does not have the required ACT score, they may demonstrate college readiness by retaking the ACT and obtaining required scores or by placement testing. 

LPN's interested in more information can contact the Department of Nursing Secretary, Deborah Howell, Hatcher Hall Room 103, Phone: (740) 351-3210.

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