Poster Tips & Procedures

Note that this year the poster presentation materials have changed and you will need to prepare your poster according to the directions provided here. For financial support to print the poster, you should contact the Celebration of Scholarship director Aaron Bruewer at

Tips for a successful presentation:

  1. Posters should be prepared and printed on the specified poster paper available at the SSU printing shop upon request.
  2. Before taking the poster to printing shop, it should be typed and laid out in an appropriate template file (i.e. PowerPoint). See templates on the website or ask your mentor.
  3. Easels will be provided for displaying the poster on the presentation day.
  4. All information should be contained on the presentation poster.
  5. The print shop will look over your file, but it should be pre-checked with your mentor for clarity and sharpness.
  6. The font size on posters should be at least 24 Times New Roman or some standard font, so that the poster is readable from 4 feet away.
  7. Graphical and visual images are encouraged to be incorporated but they should not be so large that they take up the majority of space. Instead, use bullet points for highlighting the main points of the presentation and use flow charts for materials and methods but not text. Use figures and charts with accompanying captions to present and explain data, and don’t forget the conclusions and references sections at the end.
  8. Your presentation should also adopt one of the citations styles taught in freshmen composition classes (often MLA or APA) depending on the field of study you are presenting. Following one of these styles is always a stepping stone towards satisfying the poster criteria also posted on the conference website.
  9. Choose fonts carefully and use them consistently throughout the poster. Large fonts are preferred for headings while smaller and standard fonts such as Times New Roman is good for the text blocks.
  10. There are poster templates available below.

Poster Templates

Poster Presentation Rubric

Poster Presentation Rubric (PDF)


12:00 pm

We are asking presenters to set up posters in the UNC lobby at noon. Posters that arrive after 12:30 p.m. will not be considered for awards.

1-3 pm

Closed Area: Judging will take place during this time. (Poster presenters may not attend the judging session.)

4-5 pm

Poster area open for public viewing. (Poster presenters should stand beside their posters at this time to talk with visitors.)

5-6 pm

Clean up before dinner. Please take your poster to your car or dorm and return for dinner.

6:30 pm

All poster presenters are invited to the Provost's Dinner in the UNC Ballroom, courtesy of the Provost. Poster awards will be presented at this time.

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