Student retention is an important piece of the Shawnee State University mission. We want our students to not only be academically successful; we want them to persist to graduation and be successful in their lives and careers. Retaining Shawnee State University students is everyone's responsibility: faculty, staff, students, administration, families, and the community.

Without collaboration to develop support systems for our students, many will not graduate with a college degree and might drop out after their first semester or year of college. Working together and supporting students within a researched-based framework ensures students develop skills and reach their potential. Each and every one of us can make a difference.

SSU retention includes strategic interventions and programming to support the academic and non-academic experiences of our students. There are numerous strategies across campus.

Some of our academic supports include:

Improving student success demands attention by the entire institution. Through the intentional collection and analyzing of baseline data on student retention, persistence, and success, SSU will be able to refine our current strategies and set new strategic goals. We look forward to the campus community's help in the development and implementation of a retention-action plan.

As part of the determination to keep our retention efforts available for the entire campus, there are currently two avenues for collaborating on the campus retention initiative:

1) Retention webpage.  The webpage will be continually updated with on-going data reports, updated retention strategies, best practice initiatives across campus, research articles and resources for students, faculty & staff; and  
2) Open “brown bag” lunch meetings to discuss retention throughout the academic year

Thank you for the role you play in supporting best practices and using our resources to retain our students and create an environment for outstanding student success.

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