Commuters & Non-Traditional Students

Here at Shawnee State, we strive to keep all of our students happy. It came to our attention that those commuting to campus, as well as those considered "non-traditional" (students over 25, parents, veterans, etc.) were being left out. In an effort to curb this behavior, Student Life has been implementing various tools and steps insuring equal opportunity for all.

Helpful Tips for Commuters

  • Make New Friends – Talk to Classmates or Join Study Groups
  • Get Involved and Attend Events
  • Listen to Books on CD while driving
  • Know Alternate Routes to Take When Roads are Closed
  • Buy a Commuter Meal Plan and Eat on Campus
  • Know Where to Park and Avoid Parking Tickets
  • Car Pool with Other Students who Live by You
  • Know the Best Study Areas
  • Use MySSU
  • Sign Up for SSU Alert
  • Check SSU Emails and Junk Mail

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