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SSU Retiree Association

The Shawnee State University Retirees Association (SSURA) is an organization for retired faculty, administrators and staff that provides a variety of services for the members, and benefit the university and community. The SSURA is here to help you stay active and remain connected with many friends and colleagues from Shawnee State University.

Who are SSURA members?

Membership to the SSURA is open to all retired faculty, administrator, staff and their spouses.

How to become a member

During the first year of retirement, SSURA offers free membership to SSU retirees; after that, annual dues are $20. The membership fee covers both the retiree and spouse. A life time membership is available and costs $150.


What are the Benefits of Membership?

SSURA members receive a newsletter and can link to past issues on the SSURA webpage. Social and recreational activities are scheduled throughout the year. Members can also continue to serve the university on a voluntary basis or participate on various committees. Also, members have full access to the on campus Retiree Services Coordinator for resolution to any questions or needs. Best of all, members stay connected to a great university.

SSU Retiree Association

Contact Information


940 Second Street
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

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