Emergency Contact Information

Location and Contact Information

The SSU Department of Public Safety (formerly Security Department) is located at the Art Annex Building.  (View the Campus Map (PDF)).  Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hearing Impaired Services

A conventient way for hearing impaired individuals to contact the Department of Public Safety is text messaging. The Department of Public Safety text messaging service is available 24/7 for individuals with a mild, moderate or significant hearing loss. The ability to communicate is critical in any emergency situation and the Department of Public Safety is happy to offer this service. We can be reached by sending a text message to the following number: (740) 370-5019.

Emergency Phones

Emergency Blue Light Phones

Emergency Blue Light Phones are located across the main campus and parking areas, providing a direct line to the SSU Department of Public Safety.  View the Campus Map (PDF) for phone locations.

Emergency Phones are also located throughout campus buildings. Look for the sign - “EMERGENCY PHONE” - which dials directly to the SSU Department of Public Safety.

Other SSU Emergency Contact Numbers

Employee Title Number
On Duty - Public Safety Officers Police/Security Officer (740) 351-3232
Laura Davis Police Sergeant (740) 351-4377
Jon Peters Police Sergeant (740) 351-4377
Blaine Duduit Police Sergeant (740) 351-4377
Brian Yerardi Security Sergeant (740) 354-6723
David Thoroughman Chief of Police (740) 351-3888
Elinda Boyles V.P. Finance and Administration (740) 351-3005

A list of state and local emergency contact numbers can be found at Emergency Resources & Information

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