Program Review

Need for Institutional Assessment

Institutional assessment is needed at SSU to assist the university in carrying out its mission and institutional goals as well as carrying out its responsibility to be accountable for the effectiveness of all the functioning units in the institution. It is also required as part of the regional accreditation. There are three general purposes for institutional assessment: it is a way to measure institutional effectiveness, it is a way to ensure accountability to outside organizations and individuals, and it is a critical part of strategic planning.

The Characteristics of Outcomes Assessment

  • provide multiple measures of student learning outcomes

  • identify changes and improvements needed in all functioning units

  • produce evidence in support of making changes and improvements

  • determine whether the institution is operating effectively by providing a formalized method of evaluation to show whether planned outcomes are achieved

  • actively involve the faculty and staff in the assessment and planning processes, and link outcomes assessment with institution planning and budgeting


Assessment activities are supervised and monitored by Assessment Executive Committee and Subcommittees. The Assessment Committees provides leadership and assistance in developing and overseeing the campus-wide assessment activities and feedback to enhance the effectiveness of the institution.


Institutional Research and Sponsored Programs

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