Planned Upgrades

Campus Wireless

Project Scope

As part of the overall network infrastructure upgrade project, UIS is engaged in an effort to upgrade the SSU wireless network on campus. UIS will install over 300 Cisco Access Points (APs) in campus building and green space. These devices operate on the 802.11n access protocol, in conjunction with the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) for authentication policy.

Site Survey Complete

As a prerequisite to improving wireless connectivity, a wireless site survey was completed in August of 2013, providing a comprehensive assessment of installed wireless coverage operating on 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands in 17 buildings and 4 designated green spaces. The entire survey covered 750,881 square feet of campus.

Survey Methodology

Using a spectrum analyzer and signal strength measurement tools, the survey evaluated wireless coverage for data connectivity, based on identifying access point locations, using the signal strength of a typical wireless client, which would not drop below -70db inside any of the specified coverage areas. The Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) would not report below 15db at any point during the survey. If the significant noise was detected (>80db), a spectrum analyzer was used to determine the source of the noise for evaluation purposes.

Survey Results

A comprehensive report of the wireless survey findings affords a facility plan for UIS to strategically locate new access points (APs) on campus to optimize wireless connectivity. This data will be used to complete a detail design plan for the SSU Wireless upgrade implementation. Significant signal overlap in adjacent wireless channels will be designed for areas with heavy wireless usage to ensure a quality of service.

Project Timeline

The SSU Wireless Upgrade project is scheduled to be completed in summer of 2014. The Design Phase of this effort is 97% complete. If you have questions regarding this project, contact UIS for additional information.

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