IT for Learning


UIS is committed to ensuring that technology is up to date and functional in academic classrooms and lecture halls on campus. This means that all installed software is operating on the latest release, based on the current licensing requirements, for each instructor station. It also means that UIS invests wisely in infrastructure upgrades during planned facility renovations and new construction, to ensure that sufficient bandwidth capacity is made available on demand.

UIS communicates with academic departments, prior to the beginning of each academic year and via the Help Desk between academic semesters, to understand new software and standard hardware requirements as a prerequisite for upgrading current technologies in operation. Departments should contact UIS to communicate necessary changes or additional needs required during the academic period.

UIS reviews all classroom technology on the SSU network prior to each semester, for software upgrades released by the vendor and made available for installation. UIS looks forward to assisting departments in ensuring the latest technologies are current with the classroom instruction being offered for each semester.

The software technologies currently made available in all technology-enabled classrooms, and supported by UIS include:


If you have a laptop, or other mobile device with a wireless network card you will be able to access our wireless network across campus and in all academic classrooms. For your computer and certain mobile devices, you will need to install our Network Access Control (NAC) appliance and perform all the necessary Windows Security and Anti-Virus updates. Current NAC restrictions limit concurrent logins to five devices on campus.

This software is user friendly and provides step-by-step instructions for completing the network access pre-requisites. We are glad to offer assistance if you encounter any issues, but we are confident if you attempt the installation as instructed, you will succeed.

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