IT for Departments

Evaluating New Technology

UIS looks forward to assisting departments when making decisions about technology acquisition and implementation. Whether it concerns the evaluation and purchase of hardware and/or software, data integration services, report writing, or custom integration development we are committed to supporting the technology departments utilize.

UIS is charged to manage all departmental data on its servers and deploys the latest protocols to securely transmit data offsite, to external agencies and authorities when required. Institutional data created, stored and transmitted by departments is backed up nightly and securely transmitted to a secure facility in case of declared disasters, as part of daily UIS operations.

Departments should not hesitate to engage UIS when initiating contact with vendors for the purpose of evaluating technology for best fit. We are prepared to ask the right questions and make recommendations based on the department’s strategic objectives and institution’s Mission in mind. UIS is charged to help departments understand their total technology investment and to identify all the components that comprise the acquisition. When departments acquire technology, UIS needs to understand the operating specification so it will function as intended, within SSU’s base computing environment. UIS is more than willing to communicate with the vendor’s technical contact to ensure requirements are met prior to installation.

UIS maintains a catalog of departmental technologies deployed on campus for the purpose of integrating systems and shared services between departments. If there are departmental technologies in operation that are not identified in the catalog please update UIS with current information so that an accurate catalog can be maintained. If your department would like more information on a technology service provided to another department, UIS is eager to schedule time to meet and discuss with the department.


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