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PC Online Game Request Status

SSU Restricts Illegal Peer-To-Peer (P2P) File Sharing

Please note that UIS provides full access for gaming; however, UIS is required to block ports that are known to be associated with peer-to-peer networking. Games that include a peer-to-peer component will not be permitted on the Residential Network.

Shawnee State University restricts illegal peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing on our campus network. P2P technologies may be used for legitimate purposes such as instructional gaming, open source downloads, and licensed distribution of media files; however, the use of P2P software to violate copyright law carries a number of possible sanctions, including loss of Internet access, internal disciplinary actions, and even civil or criminal charges. Shawnee State University takes our obligation under The Higher Education Opportunity Act (H.R. 4137), as well as all other State and Federal legislations that address P2P file sharing, very seriously and will make all efforts to comply with authorities if users of the Shawnee State University Network are suspected of violations.

Status Definitions

Received -- UIS has received the request and the job is in the queue to be reviewed.

Being Reviewed -- UIS is currently reviewing and testing the PC online game.

Permitted -- UIS has completed testing and the ports needed for the game to operate have been made available.

Not Permitted -- UIS has completed testing and the ports cannot be made available. The reasons why will be recorded in the Review Results column.

Game port requests will be evaluated once an academic calendar year for a particular game. Once UIS has completed an evaluation of the PC game for online play, the results will be posted on the PC Game Request page. The game cannot be re-evaluated for the reminder of the academic calendar year. Please keep this in mind before updating/upgrading or downloading other content.

Game HEAT Ticket Status Review Results
Mabinogi 42958 Permitted

UIS will block P2P and Malware ports but the game will function.

League of Legends 43305 Permitted

UIS will block P2P and Malware ports but the game will function.

Steam N/A Permitted This program has necessary access; however, individual games may require additional ports. Please submit this information to

University Information Services

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