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Welcome to Shawnee State University and Information Technology Services. ITS looks forward to offering the latest Information Technology (IT) to the campus and is eager to assist students in preparing for the changing needs of business, industry, education and society by ensuring that current learning, administrative and community-based technologies can be securely accessed from wired and wireless networks in academic areas, administrative areas, and campus green space. Whether it concerns your network, email or MySSU account or connecting to the internet, do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. After all, IT is what we do!

Chuck Warner
Chief Information Officer

IT is New!

Information Technology is always changing and improving. The 2015 – 2016 Academic Year brings several technological updates to Shawnee State University. Some of the highlights include:

  • SSUnet – The Campus Wi-Fi network has been completely upgraded to provide a quality mobile experience for the Shawnee State Community. All new technology, faster speeds, and a simpler authentication process extends the learning environment to your all your mobile devices. All registered students can access SSUnet with their SSU Network Account.
  • Office 2013 – Shawnee State University now offers Microsoft© Office 2013 in all Academic Labs and study spaces.
  • LabMaps – LabMaps provides real-time information allowing students to locate open computers by viewing the maps online from both on and off campus. Visit to locate an available computer for your immediate use.
  • Student Housing partners with Time Warner Cable – Shawnee State University has partnered with Time Warner Cable to provide internet connectivity for ALL of the student housing units. For information about internet services and getting connected in student housing please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life at (740) 351-3011.

Bringing IT with you

A laptop or tablet is an important tool for most university students. Students can access SSUnet, the Shawnee State wireless network, in classrooms and study spaces with their laptop or personal devices. To ensure that students are successful in connecting their personal devices to SSUnet we suggest a computer running one of the following operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8.X, Mac OS 10.7, or newer.

What you will need:

  • Your computer or device will need a wireless network card
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to connect to the SSUnet wireless network
  • A review of all Policies, Conditions, Procedures and Guidelines for a safe, secure and easy to use computing environment that can be found at

What is provided:

  • ITS supported wireless access across campus via SSUnet
  • Student discounts on Windows Operating Systems and Microsoft Office Suites (
  • A safe, secure, and easy to use computing environment
  • Technical support from the ITS Help Desk when needing assistance connecting to SSUnet

IT is everywhere

Connecting your laptop or other personal device to the wireless network, SSUnet, has been improved for 2015 in both quality of service as well as ease of use.

  1. Using the normal Wi-Fi connection process for your device, select SSUnet, the Shawnee State University wireless network
  2. You will be prompted to enter your SSU Network Username & Password. If you are not prompted open your web browser and you will be redirected
  3. After successfully providing your username and password, you must accept to the terms of the Network Use Policy
  4. Select Continue

You are now connected to SSUnet and you will be able to roam campus without reconnecting. After an extended period of inactivity or when you leave campus, you will need to repeat these steps to reconnect to SSUnet.

Wi-Fi connectivity in the campus housing units is supplied by Time Warner Cable and therefore SSUnet connectivity is not extended into these areas. You will lose connectivity to SSUnet will need to follow the steps to reconnect to SSUnet if you roam to the housing units and return to campus.

Accessing IT @ a glance

Network Account

What is this account? This account will allow you to log onto all university owned computers and the SSUnet wireless network.

When is this created? The network account is created within 24 hours after you register for classes.

What is my username? Your username is your last name + first name initial For example, Teresa Smith will be

What is my password? Your initial password is your date of birth. If you were born on May 23, 1989 your initial password will be 19890523. You will be prompted to change this password.

Will the account be removed? At the point you are not enrolled for a current semester your network account will be removed and all information within the account will be lost.


What is this account? This account is used to access SSU's Student Portal. The MySSU account also provides integrated logon for Blackboard.

What is my User ID? This ID is assigned to you when you first apply at SSU and can be found on your student ID card and all official communications from SSU.

What is my password? Your initial password is your date of birth. If you were born on May 23, 1989 your initial password will be 19890523. You are not forced to change this password; however, ITS strongly suggests that you do change the password.

Will this account be removed? This account is not deleted. The information you have access to may change, depending on your current role at SSU.

@MyMail Account

What is this account?This account provides you with email services. The account is supported by Shawnee State and hosted by Microsoft. Go to

When is this created? The @MyMail account is created within 48 hours after you register for classes.
What is my username? Your username is your last name + first name initial For example, Teresa Smith will be

What is my password? Your initial password is your date of birth. If you were born on May 23, 1989 your initial password will be 19890523. You will be prompted to change this password.

Will the account be removed? No. This email account will not be removed by Shawnee State University. 

Resetting IT

Many of your campus accounts have a password self-service reset feature that allows you to reset your password online if you forget it. To take advantage of this feature you must take a few moments and register for each account listed below. Once you have successfully completed the quick enrollment process you will be able to reset your passwords for these accounts without visiting the Help Desk.

Network Account

  1. Click on Network Account at
  2. Enter your network username and password
  3. Click on Register
  4. Enter your network password when prompted
  5. Click Authenticate
  6. You will be asked to answer five of the ten questions
  7. Click Finish

MySSU Account

  1. While logged into MySSU, click on Personal Info (below your name).
  2. The MyInfo window will appear. Now click on Password.
  3. Near the bottom of the MyInfo – Manage Password window click on Password Hint.
  4. Provide the required information and click Save.
  5. You will now be able to make use of the password self-recover option for MySSU.
  6. If you forget your password you will need to attempt a log-in to have the option to recover the password to MySSU.

Email Account

If you have problems with your student email account please stop by the Help Desk, Administration 035 or call us at (740) 351- 3538

Please note: Student email is a service hosted by Microsoft©. Menu options are subject to change. SSU will notify you of changes in advance whenever possible.

Can I Install IT

Shawnee State offers eligible students the ability to purchase Microsoft ® Office and Windows through our Microsoft ® EES Student Option. Shawnee State has partnered with Kivuto Solutions ® to provide a web store for students to purchase and download the eligible Microsoft ® products.

Through this partnership students will receive 24/7 access to the web store. Here you can purchase and download the available products when you need them.

The web store also offers significant discounts. Current titles and pricing include:

  • Microsoft® Office $40.00
  • Microsoft® Windows $40.00

Please go to and click on the MyInfo tab for more information. Students seeking assistance with this installation should bring their laptop to the ITS Help Desk.

Saving IT

Student's academic work should never be saved to the hard drive of any University computer. The library and lab computers are shared and student files can be lost or deleted.

All students are given 30MB of storage in the My Documents folder of their network account. ITS suggests reserving this space for academic work instead of personal music or pictures. Documents that are saved in this folder are only available on campus and from University-owned computers and will be removed once your network account is removed.

Student academic work should be saved to a reliable USB flash drive or to the My Documents folder. It is recommended that students always save their work in two locations, creating a back-up to protect your work. This can be done using two USB drives, the My Documents folder, or any other web-based storage devices students may have.

Emergency Notification System

SSU offers an emergency notification service called SSU Alert. This is provided to keep you informed in the event of an emergency or any University closure. Notifications can be received in a variety of forms including phone call, text message, and email message. To receive emergency notifications from this service you must register through MySSU.

To enroll visit MySSU, go to the Emergency/SSU Alert link, and provide your contact information for the methods you prefer.

Need help with IT

If you experience a problem with any Information Technology services please contact the ITS Help Desk. The best way to contact the ITS Help Desk is by submitting an email to or visit the Help Desk located in the basement of the Administration Building.

If you submit an email, please be sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Phone number (include area code)
  • Description of the issue. Be sure to include any error messages that may be displayed. Remember the better the description of the issue the easier it will be for the Help Desk to resolve the issue.

For assistance with internet connectivity in student housing please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life at (740) 351-3011.

Technicians at SSU can only work on personally-owned devices if the issue relates to wireless network connectivity or installation of software purchased through SSU. If your computer is experiencing issues beyond these things our technicians will not be able to provide assistance.

Contact IT

Need more information or have additional questions?

Information Technology Services
Clark Memorial Library Room 118
940 2nd Street | Portsmouth, OH 45662
Phone: (740) 351-3538 | Fax: (740) 351-3636

Important Notice to Students on
File Sharing Statement and Copyright Infringement

Students are reminded that sharing of copyrighted materials over the network such as software, music, images, videos, publications, or any other protected materials is a violation of federal copyright statutes and is strictly prohibited. Students who are cited in infringements notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) will have their SSU Network access suspended. Repeat violations will result in judicial referral. Violators may be subject to serious fines and penalties.

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