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Welcome to our HR Forms page.  From here you should be able to locate any form you need. Contact HR at extension 3464 if there is a specific form you need to have included on this page.

Authorization Forms

Background Check Authorization

To ensure full consideration for employment with the University, this authorization must be completed. The report is issued directly to Human Resources. 

MVR Authorization

This authorization is used to obtain your driving record. If you are required to drive coworkers or students in the course of your job, this authorization must be completed. This report is issued directly to Human Resources.

Travel Reimbursement  Prior Service Certification Form

New Hire Guide

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Information & Forms




Authorization to Hire,Position Requisition, Employment Request/Change, and Contract Forms



Authorization to Hire Form


Position Requisition (PDF)                           for Staff/Faculty

Use this form to request approval to fill an open position and/or for a temporary hire into an approved position. It must be completed, submitted and approved prior to any recruitment, advertisement or search activity for:
  1. all budget-approved position vacancies (new or replacement); and
  2. temporary hires for approved positions


Request to Hire (PDF)

Use this form to request approval to extend a verbal employment offer to a prospective employee.  It must be completed, submitted and approved prior to extending the offer.  Once approved, the Division VP, College Dean or Department Director will notify you.

Change of Status (PDF)

Use this form to request approval to change an Employee or Position's status for:
  • changing from PT to FT; 
  • transferring from one position to another due to a bid transfer, lateral transfer, promotion, demotion or division/department reorganization; 
  • supervisor change; 
  • funding source/account or allocation change;
  • division and/or department change (e.g., reorganization);
  • salary/wage changes;
  • reclassification changes


Instructional Employment Contract (PDF)

Use this contract for instructional services by full and part-time Faculty on a term-by-term basis (including intersession).  It must be completed, submitted and approved prior to the commencement of the semester or intersession.

One Time Pay Contract (PDF)

Use this contract for a one-time only payment for providing the following services:
  • Adjunct Academy
  • Advising
  • Game Worker
  • Overload
  • Security Overtime
  • Student Government
  • Substitute


Supplemental-Temporary Employment Contract (PDF)

Use this contract for miscellaneous appointments for:
  • Temporary employment
  • Supplemental assignments
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Student Assistants                            (NOT Student Employees)



Performance Management Forms

Go to the Performance Management page for evaluation and training presentation materials


Retirement Forms

Retirement Plan Election (PDF) form - for election of OPERS or STRS or an Alternative Retirement Plan

SSA-1945 form (PDF) - Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job NOT COVERED by Social Security

OPERS - New Employee Enroll (PDF) form (Personal History Record, Form A)

OPERS - Address/Bank Change (PDF) form

OPERS - Re-employ Retiree Enroll (PDF) notice

OPERS - Money Purchase Annuity (PDF) - Beneficiary Designation form for re-employed retiree

OPERS - Request for Exemption (PDF) for Student Worker form (STU F-3)

OPERS - Request for Exemption Instructions (PDF)

OPERS - Refund Request (PDF) - for the Traditional Retirement Account


STRS - New Faculty Notice (PDF) (Form 50-279b)

STRS - Re-employ Retiree Notice (PDF)



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