Resident Assistant

Resident Assistant Selection

The Office of Housing & Residence Life has been fortunate to hire and get to know great student leaders at Shawnee State University, and we look forward to YOU being the next great hire! We are looking for students who exemplify high qualities of leadership and commitment to their academic pursuits. We are seeking students who are honest, able to work with integrity, communicate effectively, have a genuine care for the community, and will personally strive to be an outstanding student while working for us at Shawnee State University.

Want to be a Resident Assistant?

If you are interested in being a Resident Assistant, check out the position description to gain a better understanding of what would be required of you. Also, please keep an eye out for upcoming information sessions where you can receive more information about the process and a Resident Assistant application to complete. Information sessions typically take place in late fall semester with applications due in January. Our staff will invite qualified applicants to group process day and for individual interviews in February.

Resident Assistant Group Process Day

The Group Process Day is required for all Resident Assistant applicants. The Group Process allows for Housing & Residence Life staff and current Resident Assistants to evaluate the candidates' ability to work within a team. This typically takes place on a Saturday afternoon (12-noon - 5pm) is filled with laughs and challenging exercises that will test the candidates' ability to problem solve and exhibit their leadership abilities.

It's important to BE YOURSELF! We want to see the real you in the comfortable environment and hope to give you the opportunity to grow from this experience.

Resident Assistant Individual Interviews

This is the second round of interviews. You must be invited by the Office of Housing & Residence Life to sign-up for an interview. After going through the group based interview, the individual interview should give us insight about your character, your student experiences, and your work history. We encourage business attire as this is a job interview for you.

Notification of Hire for Resident Assistants

Every Candidate who was involved in the Individual Interview process will receive a letter noting their hiring status. The three responses include Hired, Alternate and Not Hired.

If you are offered an Alternate position do not be discouraged. We often have to pull from the Alternate pool as the semester progresses so you still have a chance of becoming a Resident Assistant. Also if you are not hired don't let this discourage you from applying for the next academic year.

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