District 14 Science Day

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Shawnee District 14 Science Day is one of 16 district science competitions sponsored by the Ohio Academy of Science (OAS) and hosted by Shawnee State University. It annually attracts 200-250 students, grades 5-12, from Adams, Lawrence, Pike, and Scioto counties. Shawnee District 14 Science Day provides an avenue for students to present independent or team scientific research projects leading to an opportunity to advance to State Science Day. Students must participate and receive a superior rating at District 14 Science Day to qualify for an opportunity to compete at State Science Day.

Optional Forms

Additional Forms

May be necessary IF your project involves any of the following: Human Subjects; Nonhuman vertebrate animals including observation projects; Potentially hazardous biological agents including microorganisms, recombinant DNA technologies, or human or animal fresh tissues, blood or body fluids; Controlled substances and alcohol and tobacco; Hazardous substances or devices including chemicals, equipment, firearms, radioactive substances and radiation.

District Science Day

District 14 Co-Directors:

Darrell Rudmann, Shawnee State University
Email: drudmann@shawnee.edu
Phone: (740) 351-3350

Tim Hayes, Fairland High School
Email: tim.hayes@fairland.k12.oh.us

District 14 Judging Chair:

Jeffrey Bauer, Shawnee State University
Email: jbauer@shawnee.edu
Phone: (740) 351-3421

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may participate in District 14?

Students' grades 5-12 from Adams, Lawrence, Pike, and Scioto counties are eligible to participate in the Shawnee District 14 Science Day. All participants MUST have been judged at least one time previously at a local or county fair and received a SUPERIOR rating to be eligible for District Science Day.

Are Team research projects allowed at District 14 Science Day?

Yes. However, Team projects may consist of no more than 3 students. ALL team members must belong to the same school and same grade brackets (5-6), (7-8), or (9-12), and ALL team members must be present to be judged at District 14 Science Day.

Do I have to participate in my county science fair before coming to the district?

No, although every student project MUST have been judged at least one time previously, at either a school or county science fair, and have received a SUPERIOR rating rating to be eligible for District 14 Science Day.

Does it cost anything to participate at the District 14 Science Day?

Yes, each participating student is required to pay a $20 registration fee, which is due when the registration is submitted. If you are participating as part of a team, each team member must pay the $20 registration fee. * The registration fee must be paid when students submit their registration form and accompanying paperwork. Schools that pay for their student registration fees may send a copy of a purchase order with the student registrations. If fees are not received within 10 days after District 14 Science Day, the school will be invoiced for the number of students registered.

* The South Central Ohio Educational Service Center will pay registration fees for students who receive a superior rating at the Scioto County Science Fair and participate in the District 14 Science Day.

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