Every year, the Shawnee State University Development Foundation awards annual grants to a range of academic departments and student groups, in part funding over 300 projects to enhance research, academic programming, and student life at Shawnee State University. View a list of all Development Foundation grant recipients here.

2016-2017 Application for Grants

Apply for Grants

The Development Foundation Application for Grants to fund projects during the 2016-2017 academic year is now open. The following grants will be awarded:

Please refer to the Application for Grants for more information and detail.


The deadline for applications is Friday, April 22, 2016, at 5 pm. No applications will be accepted after this time. Proposals will be accepted via our online Application for Grants ONLY. Please contact Karen Boggs (x3284) in the Development Foundation office with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your interest in Development Foundation Grants and Good Luck!

Grant Recipients

2015-16 SSUDF Grant Awards

Totaling $21,475


Hamilton, Timothy

Improving a Portable Observatory for Student Research on Exoplanets ($1,200)

The grant funds will defray costs of equipment to upgrade the observatory to make it automated and fully functional.  The new equipment will enable students to find planets around other stars (exoplanets) which are difficult to see directly since they are faint and close to other stars.

Hedrick, Amanda

Steven A. Hunter Appalachian Legacy Project Grant:  Soar with STEAM ($650)

Grant funds will be used to incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math) into  CLC classrooms by encouraging its students to experience and learn about the great outdoors in a digital world.  They will use technology while on field trips throughout Appalachia to capture video and digital images that the children can edit to create stunning representations of the world around them.  It will provide outdoor education experiences to students enrolled at the Children’s Learning Center while educating pre-service teachers about the value of outdoor education.

Johnson-Varney, Suzanne

Library Party 2015 ($1,000)

The funds for this grant will be used to carry on the library party tradition for the fifth year.  The event is scheduled for Sunday evening during the Weekend of Welcome immediate preceding the Convocation.  The party gives students a change to stop by the library and renew friendships and start new ones. 

Lamma, Brandon

Weekend of Welcome ($2,000)

Funds will help to sponsor a weekend of programming for all new students to engage and familiarize themselves with campus and the Portsmouth community.  The main focus of these programs is to assist students with developing a strategy for collegiate success and to continue student retention.

Larson, Erik

Steven A. Hunter Appalachian Legacy Project Grant:  Red River Gorge Geological Area Geomorphology Field Trip ($700)

This grant will be used to fund a three-day weekend field trip for students in the Special Topics in Geology: Geomorphology class to the Red River Gorge Geological Area in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky.  Red River Gorge Geologic Area is a place with fantastic geomorphic features including rock arches and deeply incised valleys.

Liberator, Chaylee

Leadership Retreat for Orientation Leaders ($1,000)

Funding will provide the opportunity for travel to a leadership and team building retreat for the 10-12 Orientation Leaders, Orientation Support Staff, and Orientation Coordinator during Spring Semester.  They will participate in team building and leadership exercises throughout the duration of the retreat.

Liberator, Chaylee 

Tour Guide Leadership Training   ($500)

The grant funds will be used for a team building retreat for the 10-12 student employees/tour guides in the Office of Admission and the student employee supervisor during Fall Semester.  The time will be used to perform team building activities, leadership exercises and information training about SSU.

Miller, Adam

3D Scanning and Printing Exploration and Precision Studies ($1,000)

Grant funds will be used to purchase a 3D scanner, 3D printer kit, and an Ipad 2 mini.  It will further student learning by introducing new equipment and technology.  Additionally, the equipment can be used to generate excitement for the STEM programs in Engineering Technology.

McMillan, Justin

Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service ($500)

The funds will be used for promotional purposes and tools needed to complete various community service projects for the SSU community and surrounding communities in conjunction with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. 

McMillan, Justin

Diversity Week ($500)

Funds will be used in promotional ways to attract students to diversity week activities,  Diversity Week is an annual, week-long event sponsored by Multicultural Affairs.  The events provide opportunities for individuals to come together in unity to celebrate the rich diversity of our University community.

Neal, Nicole

FAFSA Day  ($850)

The grant funds will be used to sponsor FAFSA Day.  At the event, the Financial Aid Office will provide one-on-one assistance and walk students through the process of completing the FAFSA form in a timely manner to obtain financial aid.  

Ross, Jerry

Summer Research Scholarship ($2,000)

Funding will be used to pay for summer research credits for two students in the physics department.  Summer research is very expensive but a worthwhile experience and nearly essential for students looking for progress to Graduate school.  The research will involve the completion of a photoelectric effect experiment designed to measure Planck’s constant and the construction of an Atwood’s machine for use in the undergraduate laboratory.

Scott, Marc

Student Writing Awards & Writing Instructor Development ($500)

Funds will be used to provide awards for excellent writing in both developmental writing courses and in first-year writing (English 1101 and 1102).  They will also be used to purchase professional development materials (books) for adjunct and full-time instructors.

Shaffer, Chris

Shaping the Future Career by Career  ($2,000)

The grant funds will be used for the creation/modification of a database that would connect Shawnee State University degrees with careers.  The career connections will be made by connect program codes with job codes.  The final product will benefit university leadership, external relations, advisors, and admissions.

Sherman, Christy

Healthy Cub Fair ($675)

Funding will be used to sponsor the annual Healthy Cub Fair event that is planned and hosted by the Department of Nursing to create pediatric and community health clinical experiences for nursing students.  The event serves the dual purposes of remedying a deficit of clinical opportunities for students and providing a valuable service to the county’s children.  

Simmons, James

Essential Learning Outcomes in Physics ($1,000)

Funds will be used to develop a set of activities that address the 5 learning outcomes of SSU’s revised General Education Program and could be used in introductory physics courses.   Among the outcomes are a better understanding of:  1) different forms of scientific reasoning, 2) different forms of experimental and observational work that scientists do, 3) status of scientific knowledge, 4) nature and use of theories, and 5) an ability to distinguish between science and pseudoscience.  

Simms, Marcie

The Emerging Leader Program ($1,000)

Funds will be used for the Emerging Leaders Program which is an interactive program for freshman and sophomore students at Shawnee State University.  The year-long program challenges students to develop their leadership abilities through workshops, presentations, and service projects.  It creates an opportunity for students to become actively engaged in the campus community.  Many participants continue in leadership positions as RAs and student organization advisors. 

Snyder, Jacob

Shawnee State Athletics Website Development ($2,000)

Funds will help to cover the cost of the Shawnee State athletics website, powered by SIDHelp.   The site is used for game stats and recaps, schedules, Bear Run information, program records, player biographies and recruitment, and many other functions.  SIDHelp also allows for smooth transitions 

in reporting statistics and scores to both the conference and national levels. 

Spicer, Mistie

Veterans Day Recognition Ceremony ($500)  

The grant funds will be used to help re-establish the Veterans Day Ceremony that was previously held on campus to recognize our students who are veterans as well as our faculty and staff.   

Spicer, Mistie

13.0 Conference Funding  ($500)

Grant funds will be used to support bringing in keynote speakers and session presenters at the 13.0 Conference.  The objective of the conference is to bring interested gaming students to our campus and to showcase the program offered at SSU. 

Stewart, Janet

Power Up at the Library  ($750)

Grant funds will assist with purchasing a KwikBoost charging station for the Curriculum Center on the third level of the library.  Students can charge their phones while conducting research or studying in the library.  This is a very popular service with commuter students as many of them spend long days on campus and in the library.  

Todt, David

Steven A. Hunter Appalachian Legacy Project Grant:  A Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) for Appalachian Ohio ($650)

Grant funds will be used to finish gathering course materials and information, design and produce the course, and implement it in the fall of 2015.  The course will be hosted on the MOOC site Open Learning.  Objectives of the course are:  to know the boundaries of Ohio’s physiographic regions with special attention to the Appalachian (Hill Country) region; to learn about the geology, vegetation, flora and fauna of the region; and to identify and discuss historical individuals who made important contributions to the understanding of Appalachian Ohio.


2014-15 SSUDF Grant Awards

Totaling $22,799

Feight, Andrew

Scioto Historical Mobile App & Website ($2,000)

Funds will allow for the continued development of Scioto Historical, a smart phone, mobile app and website for touring and studying the history of the Scioto Valley. The app presents original research, writing, and other digital content developed with the assistance of Shawnee State University students. It is free and available for iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as via a website on any browser.

Grube, Justin

SID Help Athletics Web Site Management ($2,000)

The grant funds will defray the costs for SID Help which is the website provider for, the official website of SSU Athletics. The program allows the Sports Information Office to maintain a professional website appearance along with a hosting service which allows SSU Athletics to quickly post press releases, team rosters and game schedules online.

Hartman, Tiffany

Spring and Fall Leadership Conferences ($500)

The grant funds will sponsor daylong conferences open to students to help them gain skills and knowledge to enhance their student leadership. Participants will build their knowledge of resources, connect with other student leaders, learn about the unique skills they possess as individuals, and expand their set of effective leadership practices.

Hedrick, Amanda

Steven A. Hunter Appalachian Legacy Project Grant: One Fish, Two Fish, I Fish, You Fish ($1,000)

Grant funds will be used to provide the necessary equipment and transportation to teach preschoolers and school-agers fishing and environmental education. These efforts will be supported by SSU students enrolled in education courses. The outdoor experience will give them an opportunity to learn to care and respect the natural world. Students will visit a variety of stations to practice skills and learn water safety.

Lamma, Brandon

Weekend of Welcome ($2,000)

Funds will help to sponsor a weekend of programming for all new students to engage and familiarize themselves with campus and the Portsmouth community. The main focus of these programs is to assist students with developing a strategy for collegiate success and to continue student retention.

McGinnis, Steven

Steven A. Hunter Appalachian Legacy Project Grant: Native American Cultural Festival ($500)

Funding will be used to have Deer Clan Productions, authentic Cherokee Native Americans from Cherokee NC, to do cultural demonstrations such as storytelling, basket making, flint knapping, traditional bead work, and ancient and historic weaponry demonstrations at the festival.

Miller, Larry

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Equipment for the Classroom ($2,000)

The grant funds will be used to purchase 3D printing and additive manufacturing equipment to be used in the classroom for new courses. This will allow students to stay current with the newest trends of the industry which include 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

Ross, Jerry

The Development of Laboratory Materials for the Physics Department ($2,000)

Grant funds will be used to design a set of suitable laboratories and create a corresponding lab manual that students will be able to purchase from the book store. This will allow faculty members to have the resources necessary to give students the opportunity for proper laboratory experience.

Short, Ann Marie

Power Surge ($899)

The grant funds will be used to purchase a Kwikboost charging station which would provide a central place in the Clark Memorial Library for students to charge their devices. This space will also serve as a place for students to study, access information, and connect with other students.

Short, Ann Marie

Party in the Library 2014 ($500)

Grant funds will be used to support the library party which is part of the Weekend of Welcome for new SSU students. Past years have found at least 500 students dropping by to participate in various activities and to meet the Library staff and other new students.

Short, Ann Marie

Project Career ($400)

The funds will help the library staff develop a dedicated collection in support of career and workplace opportunities. The print and electronic collection will serve as a browseable set of materials that will be used by students and the Student Career Development office to enhance understanding of the link between education and the job market.

Short, Ann Marie

Clark Memorial Library/SSU Women’s Center Joint Speaker Project ($2,000)

Funds will be used to a bring speaker Liz Securro, author of “Crash Into Me” to campus. Copies of the book will be given away to students. There will also be a panel discussion which will include SSU students and staff and a “read-in” for students to discuss the book.

Spicer, Mistie

Event Assistants ($2,000)

Grant funds will assist the Office of Event & Conference services provide guests with an environment of excellence through unique and affordable event solutions. Student Event Assistant positions will be created to help with all major campus events as need.

Sturgeon, Douglas

Steven A. Hunter Appalachian Legacy Project Grant: White Cane Day 2014 ($500)

The funds for this grant will pay for costs for SSU Teacher Education Junior Level Intervention Specialist majors in EDIS 3256 to work with White Cane Day 2014 at the Louisville Zoo. White Cane Day is an annual event that focuses its materials and educational activities on the access needs of blind and low vision children from the Kentucky School for the Blind.

Teeters, Bradley

Energy Studies – Electric Powered Vehicles $2,000)

Funding will provide the opportunity for engineering technology students to participate in research activities in the field of energy studies. The ultimate goal is to construct an electric-driven car whose performance has been optimized by testing performed in the laboratory. This activity will provide opportunities for students to become familiar with the research process, stimulating critical thinking and engaging skills acquired in their programs.

Thoroughman, David

Community Policing ($2,000)

The grant funds will be used to purchase two police bicycles to assist the Department of Public Safety’s mission to provide a safe and secure learning environment on campus.

Carpathios, Neil

Creative Endeavor Grant: Every River on Earth: Writing from Appalachian Ohio – Book

Release & Reading ($500)

Grant funds will be used for a book release event for Neil’s edited anthology of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction from writers who either live or have lived in the southern Ohio region. The event will include visiting authors who are included in the anthology.

2013-14 SSUDF Grant Awards

Totaling $20,700

Daniels, Carla

College Transition and Empowerment ($1,000)

The grant funds will be used for a workshop targeting incoming first year students to assist them in transition from high school to college and to create a roadmap that will lead to success for their lives and achievable goals for completing their degree.

Daniels, Carla

2nd Saturday & 4th Friday Movies ($1,000)

Funds will help to continue the success of the 2nd Saturday and 4th Friday movie series by offering on-campus movies on the 2nd Saturday and hosting movie night at Portsmouth Cinemas on the 4th Friday throughout fall and spring semesters.

Haider, Rita

Study Abroad Re-Entry Program ($300)

The grant funds will be used for a Re-entry Workshop for students who have studied abroad the previous semester. The workshop will provide returning students with ideas and opportunities to integrate all that they have gained through their experience abroad into their current lives at home and possibly into future career or academic decisions.

Hartman, Tiffany

Fall Leadership Retreat ($500)

The grant funds will assist with a daylong retreat off campus designed to help students learn how to be leaders and to assess how they can make a positive impact on campus and in the community. The retreat will work to increase student engagement and leadership and to help students to be successful in college and beyond.

Hartman, Tiffany

Spring Leadership Conference ($500)

The grant funds will sponsor a daylong conference open to students to help them gain skills and knowledge to enhance their student leadership. Participants will build their knowledge of resources, connect with other student leaders, learn about the unique skills they possess as individuals, and expand their set of effective leadership practices.

Karabinis, Nikki

December, January, & March Alternative Break Trips ($4,000)

Alternative Breaks provide students with the opportunity to explore, serve, and connect with a different community. This interdisciplinary service-learning course will explore the history and culture of a region in the United States and will focus on a social justice issue such as hunger, homelessness, or the role of the environment. Depending on student interest, service sites may include, but are not limited to Habitat for Humanity, a homeless shelter, a food bank, or a state forest.

Klutenkamper, Allyson

Creative Endeavor Grant:Circumstantial ($500)

Funding will be used for printing and framing photo images for the Circumstantial art exhibit.

Putnam, Eric

Shawnee State Cross Country and Track Team Room ($2,000)

The grant funds will be used to enhance the locker room for the Cross Country and Track teams with items such as additional lockers, a combination lock for the room door, and other needed improvements.

Reneau, James – Student Web Space ($800)

Funding will provide students with access to a Web server to post homework, personal communications, and portfolios or work they have done at Shawnee State University or personally.

Roberts, Deanna

Shawnee Connect Mentorship Program ($2,000)

The grant funds will be used for the Shawnee Connect Mentorship program. The program objective is to help new students form a connectedness to Shawnee State University by getting them involved in campus events and to direct the student to the correct office for needed guidance.

(Sheeley, Tyler and Pennington, Janet

Lab in a Box ($2,000)

Funding will be used to create a series of portable labs that will be aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and Ohio’s Revised Science Standards for physical science (introductory high school science). These labs in a box will move from school to school and will act as stand alone inquiry activities for teachers who do not have the supplies or time to create them, specifically low-income school districts.

Shoemaker, Kurt

Steven A. Hunter Appalachian Legacy Grant: Field Geology of the Southern Appalachians ($1,000)

The grant funds will support a geology field course in the Southern Appalachians, including Cumberland Gap, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Up to 12 Shawnee State University geology students will participate in an extended field experience which will provide great enhancement of their learning experience.

Short, Ann Marie

Party in the Library ($1,100)

Funding will support an event at the library the first Sunday after classes begin to welcome new and returning students to campus. The event draws new students to the library for the first time and provides them with a good introduction to the available resources.

Spicer, Mistie

Presidential Student Ambassadors ($2,000)

The grant funds will be used to continue the Presidential Student Ambassador program on campus.

The ambassadors are a special group of students who provide tours for guests of the President’s Office, visit area schools to talk about how to prepare for college, and serve as hosts and hostesses at various campus events.

Spicer, Mistie

SSU Street Fair ($2,000)

Funding will provide support for the SSU Street Fair which is held in conjunction with Main Street Portsmouth. The Street Fair is held as a way to attract SSU students to the downtown area and to introduce them to what local businesses have to offer.

2012-2013 SSUDF Grant Awards

Totaling $25,283

Bailey, Catherine
Health Science Recruitment($1,000.00)
Shawnee State University's Health Science Programs will collaborate for "Health Science Day" for community members interested in pursuing a career in a health science field. The "Health Science Day" would target high school sophomores, but the event would be open to any interested community member. General information about SSU and Health Science careers would be given to all, followed by planned participant rotation through each Health Science department. An informational "Health Science Day" university sponsored website would be developed, complete with area for pre-registration for the event.

Bobo, Kara
SID Help Website($2,000)
These funds will be used to renew the athletic website through the SID Help service, a web support platform that has been an asset to the department with news release, retaining and recruiting new students.

Carlson, Kenneth
Summer Teaching Academy($2,000)
The grant funds will be used to subsidize the first ever Teacher Education Summer Institute at SSU for
area school teachers who are required to earn additional college credits in order to renew their teaching licenses. Having this grant would allow the master's program staff to do community outreach within the audience targeted by the graduate program, enticing teachers to take graduate workshops this summer would introduce them to the master's program at SSU and give us the opportunity to recruit and develop SSU as the regional center for graduate workshops and graduate degrees.

Carpathios, Neil
Southern Ohio Anthology($2,000)
Funds will be used to aid in support and production of an anthology of writings by southern Ohio writers. This may take the form of help with promotion, possible materials, or subsidy support in publishing expenses.

Cooley, Katelyn
Halal Freezer($250)
Funds will purchase and pay for the delivery of a small (5 cubic ft.) deep freezer to be installed in the CIPA offices and used to store Halal meat for our international students who adhere to the dietary standards of their religion.

Cummings, Mary
iPads for Library($1953.30)
Two iPads with selected accessories and apps will be purchased and made available within the library in the same manner as the laptop computers that the library currently circulates. The availability of the iPads will be promoted in the same way as the availability of circulating laptops.

Hartman, Tiffany
2012 Welcome Weekend, Weekend Movie Series, & Emerging Leaders Program($3,000)
Funds will assist with Welcome Weekend for all incoming new students. Also, the Student Programming Board plans to continue the success of the 2nd Saturday and 4th Friday series by offering on-campus movies on 2nd Saturday and hosting movie night at Portsmouth Cinemas on the 4th Friday throughout fall and spring semesters. Finally, the University College and the Division of Student Affairs are working to develop a First-Year Experience at Shawnee State University. As part those strategies, the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership and the Center for Community Service are pleased to present a first-year experience program called Emerging Leaders

Hedrick, Amanda
Inside Out...Outside in Phase II($1,000)
Funds will be used for EDEC 2287: Basic Movement, Music, and Creative Expression for Early Childhood provides students with knowledge of the educational development of the early learner. Emphasis is on designing, applying, and integrating appropriate creative learning experiences for the early learner in accordance with Academic Content Standards and the NAEYC guidelines for the education of young children. The course will include a focus on educational theory, designing creative learning programs, and assessment techniques.

Karabinis, Nikki
January, December, & March Alternative Break Trips($4,000)
Alternative Breaks provide students with the opportunity to explore, serve and connect with a different community. While students have the opportunity serve, explore and connect with the Portsmouth community, many may not take advantage of such an opportunity if they are not pushed to do so. This interdisciplinary service-learning course will explore the history and culture of a region in the United States and will focus on a social justice issue such as hunger, homelessness, or the role of the environment. Depending on student interest, service sites may include, but are not limited to Habitat for Humanity, a homeless shelter, a food bank or a state forest.

Linden, Ann
One Plus One Math Mentorship Project($2,000)
Of students enrolling at Shawnee State University in fall 2010, a full 70% were first generation college students. Typically, they enter without as much preparation, they get lower grades, and they are more likely to drop out, and are in great need of remediation in mathematics. At SSU, nearly half (47%) of students in remedial math classes fail the course the first time through, necessitating retaking of courses and slowing their progress even further. First generation women are doubly marginalized in relationship to mathematics. The Women’s Center and Department of Mathematics will renew a partnership to continue our mentoring program for women enrolled in developmental Mathematics classes MATH 0099 and MATH 1010.

Meriwether, Nicolas
Rome, Paris, Berlin, and the Rise of Modernity($1,500)
Over a 3-week period, we will travel to Rome, Paris, and Berlin with a group of eight SSU students, where we will be led on guided tours of the major sites. We will also reside in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemburg, Germany for 10 days at the local youth hostel, taking trips to these three cities by plane and rail, as well as visit sites near Stuttgart, such as Heidelberg, Ludwigsburg (where our sister university is located), Ulm, etc. We will examine these European cities within a context of the history of ideas and how ideas influence culture and historical events and vice versa. Students will gain invaluable insight into how culture, including especially history, art, and architecture, is intertwined with philosophical and religious ideas. They will also gain enormous international and multicultural understanding, since they will visit 3 different countries.

Queen, Rodney
'In Addition...3+3'($480)
The funds would be used to purchase three (3) graphing calculators and three (3) digital voice recorders, which will be available to our participants on a loan basis in order to maximize academic success. These essential study aids will replace those that have become inoperable due to extensive use.

Short, Ann Marie
Take a Break: Read for Fun($600)
The library maintains a collection of "popular" or best seller books located on the entry level floor of the library. This collection of books was initiated as a direct result of a student survey done several years ago. Many of the respondents asked for books that had nothing to do with their classes, just fun to read. Librarians will choose materials to improve and continue this collection. We also keep a suggestion box in the area for students to tell us what they would like to read.

Spicer, Mistie
Shawnee State University Presidential Student Ambassadors($2,000)
The grant funds will be used to continue the ambassador program where SSU students go to county schools to talk about what high school students need to do to prepare for college, students also assist with events such as Alumni Weekend, Homecoming and the President's Gala and to provide campus tours when needed. In FY13, Presidential Student Ambassadors will also serve as ambassadors for the Ohio Board of Regents and with guidance of the President will take on a community service project.

Thoroughman, David
Campus Community Policing through Bike Patrol($1,500)
The SSU Department of Public Safety will use the grant funds to purchase two (2) bicycles that are specifically designed for Police/Security Patrol use.

***Additional SSUDF Grant Award establishes the CIPA Study Abroad Fund: Proceeds from the 2012 President’s Gala totaling$27,034, will be transferred prior to June 30 to the SSU Center for International Programs and Activities (CIPA) to establish the Study Abroad Fund on behalf of Dr. Morris and the Development Foundation.


  • SSU Student Writing Competition (Creative Endeavor Grant)
  • Presidential Student Ambassadors
  • Shawnee State University Health Science Day
  • Meet and Greet International Students
  • Coffee and Conversation
  • Let’s Party in the Library 2011
  • Student Web Space
  • Tutoring Tools
  • The Sum of Achievement
  • Weekend Programming – 2nd Saturday/4th Friday Movie Series
  • Putting the “Book” Back in Facebook: Promoting Real Life
  • May We Help You?(Creative Endeavor Grant)
  • One Plus One: Women’s Math Mentoring ProjectShawnee SportsNet
  • Track and Field
  • SID Help
  • Welcome Week
  • Alternative Break Trip
  • 20th Anniversary of Teacher Education at Shawnee State University – 20 for 2
  • How Tools Specific to Course Impacts Recruitment and Retainment


  • Weekend Programming-2ndSaturday/4thFriday Movie Series
  • Shawnee State University Bear Run
  • Alternative Winter Break
  • Alternative Spring Break
  • ScreencastingProducts for Resource Demonstrations
  • The Women's Math Mentoring Project
  • Career Services Parent Newsletter
  • SSUPresidential Student Ambassadors
  • Let's Party at the Library

  • Tools to Expand Social Networking and Enhance Tutoring inSSUReading & Writing Center
  • Welcome Week
  • Video Tutorials of Social Media Use to Better Connect Students and Faculty

  • Shawnee State Student Writing Awards (Creative Endeavor Grant)



  • 2009 Bear Run/Walk
  • Alternative Spring Break 2010
  • Alternative Winter Break
  • Do You Hear What I Hear?
  • Login and Calculate for Success
  • One Plus One
  • Online Support Site for Psych Majors
  • Parent Newsletter
  • Praxis I & II Workshop
  • Recruiting and Retaining Graduate Teacher Ed Students
  • Shawnee Connect
  • Weekend Programming
  • Welcome Week
  • The War Project


  • 1-3-5 Equipment Replacement
  • Alternative Spring Break 2009
  • Alternative Winter Break
  • Bridge to Success
  • DNS Newsletter and Student Awards
  • Registration and Advising Notification
  • Shawnee Connect
  • SSU In the News
  • SUMS Mathematics Competitions
  • University Chronicle
  • Weekend Programming/Mouse Pads


  • Alternative Spring Break
  • Alumni R&R
  • Assessing School Counselor's Perception of the Professional Nursing Role
  • Bear Cubs
  • e-Chug and e-Toke
  • Graduation Gifts
  • Joe & Jemima Logan: An Amazing Story...
  • Laptop Accessibility
  • Mentoring for Study Skills
  • Meyers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Recruitment and Retention in Natural Science
  • SSU Caravan
  • SSU Downtown Signage
  • SSU in the News
  • Summer Science Camp
  • SUMS Mathematics Competitions for Middle and High School Students
  • "The Iraq Project: Capturing Hypocrisy"
  • TRiO Parent Program
  • Upgrading the Student Newspaper
  • Web NR
  • Weekend Programming Fall/Spring Calendar Cups


  • Adult and Non-Traditional Bridge Program
  • Digital Technology
  • Fallfest Concert
  • Fostering Critical Thinking
  • Graphic Novel Collection
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Recruitment and Retention in Natural Science
  • SSU Academic Interview Microphone
  • SSU in the News
  • SSU Sports Studies/Pre-Med Day
  • SUMS Mathematics Competitions
  • TRiO Parent Program
  • Weekend Programming


  • Bear Cubs
  • Clark Memorial Library Information Project
  • Fostering Critical Thinking Through Writing
  • Making Math Count
  • Recruitment and Retention in Natural Sciences
  • Scioto County College Day
  • SSU Blogging
  • SSU Kentucky Caravan
  • SUMS Mathematics Competitions
  • Support of Dance Appearance
  • ThumbDrive Technology
  • Upward Bound Parent Program/TRiO Parent Program


  • Bear Cubs
  • Career Laboratory Resource Enrichment
  • Computers to Expand Learning
  • Literature: A Catalyst for Student Engagement
  • Moving Up with Math
  • "Project: GOALS"
  • Recruitment and Retention in Natural Science
  • Scioto County College Day
  • Senior Seminar Paper Awards
  • Shawnee State Tennis Club
  • Shawnee State University in the News
  • Shawnee State University Mathematics Society Public School Competition
  • SSU Campus Visit and Family Event
  • SSU Caravan
  • SSU Scuba Program
  • Textbook Loan Program
  • The Industrial Archeology of the Ohio River Valley
  • Undergraduate Conference
  • Upgrading the University Chronicle
  • Upward Bound Parent Program
  • Weekend Programming
  • Workforce Education Incentives


  • APPLE Paired-Cohorts for Retention of Students
  • Bear Cubs
  • Business Meal Etiquette and Communication Seminar
  • CAS Recruiting and Marketing Initiative
  • Recruitment & Retention Department of Natural Science
  • Scioto County College Day
  • Senior Seminar Paper Award
  • SSU in the News
  • Shawnee State University Mathematics Society Competition
  • SSU Caravan
  • Successful Note Taking
  • Textbook Loan Program
  • Upward Bound Parent Program
  • Weekend Programming


  • "A Thirst for Land: A History of Scioto County, Ohio and Greenup County, Kentucky"
  • Bear Cubs
  • Effective Communications Seminar
  • Financial Aid Pool
  • Hosting 2003 Beta Beta Beta Northeast District IV Convention
  • Improving SSU's Student Newspaper
  • In Search of a Story: Adventures in Ohio and on Route 66
  • Recruitment, Retention and the Development of Learning Communities
  • Scioto County College Night
  • Shadow a College Student
  • SSU Mathematics
  • SSU Caravan
  • Student Ambassador/Alumni Recruitment Project
  • Success in Math
  • Summer Opportunities Showcase
  • Support of additional on-campus activities by visiting performers
  • Text Book Loan Program
  • Tributaries SSU Silhouette
  • Upward Bound Parent Program
  • Weekend Programming


  • Artistic Educational Resources of Our Region
  • Business Meal Etiquette Program
  • Educational Talent Search Scholarships
  • Job Choices 2002
  • Manufactures Directory on CD-ROM
  • RADAR (Rewarding America's Drug Abuse Resistance) Scholarship
  • Retention and Development of Learning Communities
  • Scioto County College Night
  • Second Annual "Week of the Young Child" Saturday Special
  • Senior Seminar Paper Award
  • Silhouette CD
  • SSPE-184 Caving
  • SSU Caravan
  • SSUDF Ohio Excellence Scholarship
  • SSU Diversity Scholarship
  • SSU International Access Scholarship
  • SSU Mathematics Society Competition
  • SSU Sweatshirts
  • Student Rally 2001
  • Student Support Services Merit
  • Support of Additional Broadway Show and Student Attendance Campaign
  • Textbook Loan Program
  • The Free Voice Society
  • Upward Bound Math Science Summer Program
  • Upward Bound Parent Program
  • Upward Bound Scholarships
  • Weekend Programming


  • Alumni Ambassador Program
  • Attraction of More Students to Vern Riffe Center Events
  • Bear Cubs
  • Broadway Dancer Guest Artist Teaching Residency
  • Discretionary Funds for SSU VPs
  • Educational Talent Search Scholarships
  • Gallery/Studio Artist Series
  • RADAR Scholarship
  • Regional Artistic Education Resources
  • Residential Recruitment Weekend
  • Senior Seminar Paper Award
  • SSU Mathematics Society
  • SSU Caravan
  • SSU Sweatshirts
  • SSUDF Diversity Scholarship
  • SSUDF Ohio Excellence Scholarship
  • SSUDF Upward Bound Scholarships
  • Student Support Services
  • Textbook Loan Program
  • Upward Bound Scholarships


  • Bear Cubs
  • Discretionary Funds for SSU VPs
  • Education Talent Search Scholarships
  • Job Choices 2000
  • Regional Artistic Education Resources
  • Senior Seminar Paper Award
  • SSU Caravan
  • SSU Diversity Scholarship
  • SSU International Access Scholarship
  • SSU Mathematics Society
  • SSU Scholars Reception
  • SSU Silhouette
  • SSUDF Ohio Excellence Scholarship
  • Student Support Services Awards
  • Support of Broadway Theatre Series
  • Textbook Loan Program
  • The Alumni Ambassador Program
  • The Brown County Development Project
  • Upward Bound Scholarships


  • Bear Cubs
  • Brown County Development Project
  • Computerized Manufacturer's Database
  • Educational Talent Search Scholarships
  • Equity Guest Arts Residency
  • Funding for Educational Artists
  • Poetry Chapbook
  • Promote Health/Prevent Disease
  • SSU Diversity
  • SSU Math Society Project
  • SSUDF Ohio Excellence
  • Student Support Services Awards
  • Textbook Loan Program
  • Upward Bound Scholarships


  • Blood Oxygen Level Screening Program
  • Mama and Papa Bear Club
  • Oral Presentations by SSU Students and Faculty at an American Chemistry Society Meeting
  • Resource Center Enhancement
  • Scholarship Pool
  • SSU Spirit Rally Series and SSU Scholar Reception
  • Student Prospect Wheelchair and Text Telephone Yoke (TTY) Machine for Office of Admissions
  • SUMS Mathematics Competitions
  • Support of Concert and Workshop Series
  • The Alumni Ambassador Program


  • Celebrity Cinema
  • Chemical Education Research at Shawnee State
  • Computer for the Career Center
  • Dance Workshop at Shawnee
  • Educational Talent Search Scholarships
  • Guest Artist Roger Jerome--Acting Residency for Fall Play
  • Rickey
  • SUMS Math Competition
  • Senior Seminar Media Presentation
  • Shawnee State PSEO Scholarship
  • SSUDF Ohio Excellence Scholarhship
  • Starfunds
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Upward Bound Scholarships


  • 1996 Appalachian Spring Festival
  • Second Annual Shawnee Mathematics Competition
  • A Forum on Modern Diplomacy in Ohio
  • Celebrity Cinema: An Evening with a Filmmaker
  • Continued Resume Assistant
  • Discover for the Career Center
  • Distinguished Teaching Award
  • Experience a Living Coral Reef
  • Fine Art Scholarship
  • Lilly Conference on Excellence in Teaching Miami University
  • Mathematic Sciences Visiting Lecturer
  • Ohio Regional Scholarship
  • Quarterly International Cinema Festival
  • Senior Seminar Media Presentation
  • Shawnee State University Disabled Students Scholarship
  • Small Business Development Center
  • Student Support Services Scholarship
  • Talent Search Scholarships
  • Upward Bound Scholarships
  • Veterans Affairs Recognition


  • Seventh International Awareness
  • A Study of Professional Development
  • ANTEC 95
  • Appalachian Spring Festival
  • Celebrity Cinema
  • CORE Senior Seminar Paper Awards
  • Disabled Students
  • Ethics of Teaching
  • Faculty Development in Data Analysis
  • Fine Art Scholarship
  • Marine Science Touch Tank
  • Ohio Regional Scholarship
  • Resume Assistance
  • Science Newsletter
  • Student Support Services
  • Traveling Technology Seminar
  • Video of SSU Pendulum


  • Airway Management Skills
  • Appalachian Spring
  • Bringing the Market Back On
  • Celebrity Cinema
  • Computerized Grant Search Program
  • Early Intervention
  • Fine Art Scholarship
  • Fine Arts Slide Collection
  • In Search of Excellence
  • Learning Activities for the SSU Pendulum
  • Math Science Lectures
  • Minority Peer Mentoring
  • Plastics Booth
  • Sister City Exchange
  • SSU Disabled Student Scholarship
  • Student Employee Development Program


  • Bilingual Literacy Program
  • Central Ohio Scholarships
  • Certified Financial Planning Designation--Tuition
  • Disabled Student Scholarship
  • Early Intervention Dinner
  • F.I.R.S.T. Project
  • Fall Writers Conference
  • Focus on Counselors
  • Graphics Calculator Pilot Program
  • Minority Scholarships
  • Northwest Ohio Scholarship
  • Purchase Ohio Jurisprudence 3D
  • Russian Trip/Airfare
  • Science Newsletter for K-12 Teachers
  • SSU Cultural Diversity Program
  • Southern Ohio Excellence Scholarship

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