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Departmental program support, faculty development support in the form of research and writing subsidies, and funds for visiting scholars and lecturers are all vital to the development of the faculty at Shawnee State University.

Student Financial aid in the form of academic scholarships and awards, and need-based scholarships and loans helps the institution attract the best students and allow students who might otherwise not be afforded a college education to attend Shawnee State University.

Privately donated funds for capital expenditures like buildings, rooms within these buildings, and equipment within these rooms allow the University to create and maintain exceptional quality in its physical plant. Landscaping, quality in its gardens, and objects of art add the special touch that makes the University as aesthetically pleasing as it is academically superior.

Finally, contributions which underwrite cultural and social events are also vital to the goal of offering a comprehensive education. To encourage overall excellence in its students, the institution must offer concerts, lectures, recreation, and athletic activities and opportunities along with the academic programs.

We invite you to read the Stewardship Report of the Shawnee State University Development Foundation.

Development Foundation

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Berndt Development Suite
Administration Building lower level

940 Second Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662

(740) 351-3284
Fax: (740) 351-3198


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