Counseling & Psychological Services

When to Refer

Throughout the year, the Office of Counseling and Psychological Services receives inquiries from faculty, administrators and support staff. In many cases, due to the frequent contact that they have with a student, they have an excellent opportunity to observe the student. They may be the first to notice the signs that a student may be in need of a referral for professional counseling. Below are some of the general symptoms that indicate that a student may be experiencing some difficulties:

  • marked changes in behavior
  • decline in personal hygiene
  • isolation from others
  • decline in academic performance
  • talks about feeling anxious or depressed
  • makes comments about feeling worthless and that things are hopeless
  • exhibits symptoms of stress such as headaches, nausea, appetite change or inability to sleep
  • has had traumatic changes in personal relationships such as break-up with a significant other or death in the family
  • exhibits signs of alcohol or drug abuse
  • overly concerned about weight or body image
  • manifests a sudden unwillingness to communicate
  • makes references to suicide*
  • exhibits disorientation or bizarre behavior
  • exhibits paranoid thoughts
  • becomes verbally abusive or physically violent
  • threatens bodily harm to others*

* References to suicide or homicide: ALL suicide threats are to be taken seriously. No matter what the context, a student who talks about committing suicide is at risk and needs to be evaluated by a mental health professional immediately. Threats against others also demand an immediate response. In those instances, Security should be the first contact to ensure the safety of those involved and determine the appropriate course of action.

At any time that you feel concerned about a student's behavior or emotional well-being, feel free to call for the Office of Counseling and Psychological Services at 740-351-3213, or stop by to consult with our staff.

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