Counseling & Psychological Services


The Office of Counseling and Psychological Services provides a broad range of services to the students of Shawnee State University. Services are offered by licensed clinical counselors in a confidential setting. The focus of the services are developmental, remedial and preventive in nature. Services are available to any post high school student of the University community, whether they be full-time or part-time and are free of charge.

Students may be experiencing a personal problem, which they may wish to discuss with a counselor. The situation need not be desperate or overwhelming. However, understanding a situation before it becomes a crisis often prevents the onset of more serious difficulties. Initially, the student and the counselor will work together to assess the situation, develop a better understanding of why it is occurring, discuss alternatives to rectify the situation and then decide how best to proceed. Occasionally, only one consultative session is necessary. Most often, the student will see the counselor on an on-going basis for several sessions.

Students who seek services present a range of issues and concerns.
Some of the most common are:

  • feelings of anxiety, depression, or anger
  • stress from academic or personal issues
  • misuse of alcohol or drugs
  • problems with food and eating
  • relationship troubles with family, friends, roommates, or significant others
  • anxiety when taking tests
  • unresolved feelings as a result of a sexual assault or abuse
  • bereavement and grief
  • coping with traumatic events
  • victimization
  • thoughts of harm to self or others
  • adjustment issues
A full range of services are provided to address these or any other concerns that a student may be experiencing. These include:
  • assessment and evaluation
  • crisis intervention
  • individual and group counseling
  • relationship counseling
  • relaxation/stress management training
  • consultation
  • substance abuse education/counseling
  • safe sex counseling
  • HIV/AIDS testing/counseling
  • skills development workshops
  • education/prevention programs
  • referral services
  • Mental Health Self Assessment - E-Chug
  • postvention for trauma or suicide
  • C&PS utilizies both Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and Psychological First Aid for those impacted by suicide or other traumatic events.  For assistance contact us.   

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