Student Employment Job Postings

For current on-campus job postings, visit the Human Resources page here.

1. Visit the Human Resources Office, located in the basement of the Administration Building (next to Massie Hall).

  • Sign up for Student Employment Orientation.
  • You may also want to sign up for Intermittent Employment to work events throughout the semester or year.

2. Visit and click the “STUDENT EMPLOYMENT” box to see available positions.

3. Before you submit your application, print it out so you can walk it around to the departments you are interested in working for. This way they have a face to go with the application, and hopefully it will get to the departments that might be hiring faster. Make sure to attach a resume!

Continual Student Employment Postings

Teacher Assistant

Department: Children's Learning Center

Job Description: Assist with classroom and playground supervision under the direction of CLC staff; participate in food service training and serve meals/snack; cover staff on breaks including classrooms, playground, front desk, etc; do routine maintenance associated with an early childcare setting i.e. moving furniture, laundry, cleaning, etc; be an active role model for children, among other duties.

Minimum Requirements: Applicants should be early childhood education, education, or OT/PT majors with priority given to those who have completed ED115. Candidates are required to complete an orientation and comply with all licensing requirements including completion of four 6 hour training's in First Aid, Communicable Disease, Child Abuse Prevention, and CPR. BCI checks are also required.

Hours Per Week: 5-16

Proposed Work Schedule: We are open from 7:00 am-5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Split schedule is possible.

Interested parties should send Resume to Amanda Hedrick, Director of CLC at


Lab Prep Student

Department: Natural Science

Job Description: Student will be involved in making buffers, media, and reagents, cleaning labs, setting out materials for labs, organizing storage of materials, washing glassware, putting away materials after labs, and other duties as assigned. Note: The contact for these positions is Sharon Messer who will coordinate all student employment in the department and will inform applicants who to contact for more information. Contact number: 740-351-3456.

Minimum Requirements: Student must be a science major (Biology, Chemistry, or Natural Science), must be familiar with some lab techniques in biology or chemistry (including using a balance, using a pH meter, measuring volumes, safely handling chemicals, etc.), and should have a good attitude and willingness to work.

Preferred Qualifications: Preferred applicants will be in at least their second year of a BS degree in one of the areas of science, have a 3.0 or greater GPA, have successfully completed one year of General Biology or General Chemistry with at least a B for each term, and have a good relationship with science department faculty and staff.

Hours Per Week: 16

Proposed Work Schedule: To be arranged with supervisor

To apply visit (linked above) and click the "STUDENT EMPLOYMENT" box to see available positions.  While there complete the online application.  Make sure to attach a resume!



Department: Vern Riffe Center For The Arts

Job Description: Work as a stagehand for live events at the Vern Riffe Center for the Arts ranging from lectures to music concerts to Broadway musicals.


Minimum Requirements: You must be punctual, wear closed toe shoes. If on the running crew for a play or musical, you must wear dark clothes backstage. You will not be required to skip classes, but I must know that you have a class conflict.

Hours Per Week: Varies

Proposed Work Schedule: TBD

Interested parties should send Letter of Interest to Leo Schlosser, Technical Director at


Math Tutor

Department: Mathematical Sciences

Job Description: A few students are needed to work in the math lab. Responsibilities include tutoring students with math homework and assignments on a walk-in basis. Should also be familiar with graphing calculators.

Minimum Requirements: Completion of Calculus 1 with a B or better.

Hours Per Week: To be determined.

Proposed Work Schedule: To be determined.

Interested parties should send Resume to Heather Thacker, Administrative Assistant at 



For more job postings

  • Upload your resume to Ohio Means Jobs.
  • Join the Career Development  Facebook page.
  • Go to MySSU and look at the full-time and part-time jobs listed on the "Bulletin Boards" link under the "Student Life" tab.

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