Developing a Job-Search Plan


The Office of Career Development at Shawnee State University houses a variety of resources to assist you in developing your personal job search plan. You can find resources in the Student Career Development Office and the Library. To assist your planning efforts, the following summary highlights some of the primary topics you will need to consider.

Be Decisive

  • Carefully define your career objective(s).
  • Determine the geographic areas in which you are willing to work.
  • Calculate the income you are seeking. Need help? Check out the Budget Calculator on Ohio Means Jobs.
  • Determine the benefits important to you.

Develop, Purchase, or Gain Access to the Resources You will Need to Conduct Your Search

  • Resume(s)
  • Cover Letter(s)
  • Polish your interviewing skills.
  • Resume paper (Free in Adm 036!)
  • Business apparel for interviews. Clothes can be expensive, but you don't spend all you have in savings on clothes. You just need the one good suit which you should be able to get on sale around the holidays, at an outlet or even a consignment/thrift store.
  • Funds for traveling to interviews.
  • Create a database or special calendar for tracking the status of Job inquires.
  • Sources of information regarding job opportunities. At a minimum, upload your resume to College Central and Ohio Means Jobs so recruiters can find you. Be sure to check College Central, Ohio Means Jobs, the Shawnee State Career Development Facebook page and the Shawnee State University Alumni Group Linkedin page for jobs.

Research Sources of Information Regarding Job Opportunities


  • Specialty - business, education, health, social service, technical, et cetera.
    • Student Career Development and most libraries house some of these and other directories.
Job Search Literature
Student Career Development and the Library house a variety of books describing job search techniques. These resources often list sources of information regarding job opportunities.
  • Alert everyone you know to the fact that you are seeking employment. People will help you...but you have to ask!
  • Contact anyone who you feel may assist you in your job search effort.
  • Maintain regular contact with the Student Career Development staff.
  • Be sure to connect with recruiters during JobFest (March) and throughout the academic year during scheduled visits.
Take Advantage of the Student Career Development Staff
  • Meet with a member of the Student Career Development team as needed to discuss your job search progress. They are here to help!
  • Explore the services and resources housed in Student Career Development.
  • Utilize career resources both in the Student Career Development office and in the Library. The Library has its own career corner with the books and resources that may be of assistance to you.

Student Career Development

Contact Information

Nikki Karabinis
Phone: (740) 351-3027
Fax: (740) 351-3108

Peer Career Team 
Phone: (740) 351-3784

Office hours

8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday
Administration Building, 036

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