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The following employers have registered to attend JobFest 2017!

This list will continue to be updated as employers register. 

Follow this link to find more information on the companies (PDF) attending JobFest 2017, in a printable format.

How do I prepare for JobFest?

Recruiters say research is the key to a successful job search.  Stand out from the crowd by picking up job fair prep materials in advance.  Having your resume reviewed by a professional and attending a JobFest prep workshop.

8 Helpful Tips to Succeed at JobFest!

 1. Research the participating employers
     • Make a list of top participating companies that interest you
     • Look up the job's values, job openings, etc.
 2. Update and polish you resume
     •  with the Student Career Development
 3. Dress for Success
 4. Practice your handshake
 5. Prepare your elevator speech
 6. Arrive early to the event
 7. Maintain a positive, energetic attitude with an interest in the employer
 8. Follow up with companies after the fair

10 Steps to communicate with a Recruiter!

 1. Walk up to the employer's table/booth, make eye contact, smile, and say hello
 2. Offer your handshake and introduce yourself (name, year of study, major)
 3. Ask about career opportunities for your occupation at that company
 4. Deliver your 15 second "sales pitch"
 5. Answer the recruiter's questions and ask a few follow up questions of your own
 6. Tell the recruiter that you would like to apply for that job or position
 7. Offer the recruiter a copy of your resume
 8. Ask how you can schedule a job interview
 9. Ask for the recruiter's business card
10. Thank the recruiter, smile, and offer your handshake 

What do I wear?

Suits are recommended, business casual is required.  Keep in mind, however, "business casual" does not indicate "classroom casual."  Organizations say first impressions count, so give some thought to what you wear.

There are so many organizations present. Where do I begin?

  • Develop your personal two minute commercial: a brief overview of you, your background and career interests. Hi, my name is ___ and I noticed that you are recruiting for ___ type of opportunities. I am interested in this position for these reasons.
  • Get familiar with the layout: take a moment to review the database of employers and the floor map found in your packet.
  • When you are ready, look for the organizations on your list. Introduce yourself with a smile and a handshake and begin your commercial.
  • If you are feeling nervous or need a break, stop by the Student Career Development table and we can help you practice or provide self confidence talks.

What should I bring to JobFest?

Bring copies of your resume, portfolio (if you have one), pen and notebook. Bring additional resumes to present to each employer. You will present yourself as a prepared job seeker should the employer request a resume.


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