Testing Accommodation Procedures

For students who receive extended time for in-class quizzes and examinations and/or require limited distraction testing environment, the Office of Accessibility Services has the following testing procedures:

All exams must be in the Student Success Center ready for the ADA student to take their exam at the regular scheduled class time. EXAMS MUST BE DROPPED OFF IN THE STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER ONE DAY PRIOR TO TESTING BY 2 P.M.

  1. Students will have a window of testing time on exam day and be allowed to test both 2 hours prior to class time and 2 hours after class time.  Students enrolled in night classes are encouraged to begin their exam by 5 p.m. in order to finish with extended time prior to closing. Exceptions can be made for starting later if the student acknowledges the time is sufficient.  Please note that the Student Success Center closes at 5 pm on Fridays; as a result, all Accessibility Services exams must be started by 2 pm to allow for sufficient time to complete the exam.
  2. Faculty will come to the counter in the Student Success Center in Massie Hall and ask for a testing envelope. That envelope will require student(s) and faculty name, class name, as well as any other instructions the faculty has. Faculty must check box for Accessibility Services exam at the top of envelope.
  3. Exams will be logged into AccuTesting and filed in the locked testing cabinet behind the front counter.
  4. The student who has been granted the accommodations will show up at the Student Success Center within the days and times given by the instructor.
  5. The student will need to show ID and leave all materials behind the counter and take their exam in one of the testing rooms.
  6. When the student is finished, s/he will return the exam to the counter where it will be returned to the testing envelope to be picked up by the faculty at their convenience. 

Please note that the testing room is monitored with a closed circuit camera system. Please direct any questions or concerns about this process to either of the Accessibility Coordinators for assistance.

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