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Charge: The Compensation Committee shall concern itself with the annual review of compensation distribution, including recommending action in regard to fringe benefits (8.1.3). 

Joe VanDeusen Business Affairs Chair
Brandon Lamma Student Affairs  
Ann Marie Short Academic Affairs  
Dale Taylor Academic Affairs  



Charge:  The Personnel/Policies Committee shall concern itself with the relationship which exists between administrators and administrative/technical support staff and the university as an employer. In particular, the committee shall review, study, and recommend action in regard to policies and procedures which affect administrators and administrative/technical support staff (8.1.2).

Current Assignment:  The Personnel/Policies Committee is currently working on these items: 

  • Clarification of eligibility of employees to be included in UAA.
  • ATSS Subcommittee, Kim Mitchell, Chair: Reviewing ATSS issues and policies, including previous drafts of ATSS policies. 


Jim Weaver Academic Affairs Chair
Laurie Hatton Academic Affairs  
Sherri Powell Business Affairs  
Janet Stewart Academic Affairs  
Jonathan James Student Affairs  


Professional Development/Evaluation

Charge: The Professional Development/Evaluation Committee shall concern itself with efforts to aid and encourage professional growth and development in administrators and administrative/technical support staff. In particular, the committee shall review, study, and recommend action in regard to such matters as performance evaluation, professional leave, continuing education, and recognition of professional achievement (8.1.4). 

Current Assignment: The Professional Development/Evaluation Committee will review and suggest further revisions to the new Administrative Evaluation Form (in cooperation with the Office of Personnel). The Committee will also pursue training opportunities particularly geared to the needs of administrators and administrative technical support staff (ATSS), as well as suggesting more general topics/sessions to the University-wide Personnel Development Committee. 

Sherri Powell Business Affairs Chair
Vickie Crawford Business Affairs  
Eric Braun Executive Affairs  
Debbie Webber Academic Affairs  


UAA Representatives to Campus-Wide Committees


Continuous Improvement and Mission
Ann Marie Short
Eric Braun


Enrollment Management and Student Life
Nikki Karabinis
Steve Cunningham


Joe VanDeusen
Vickie Crawford

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