Student Trustees

Role of Student Trustees

Currently enrolled SSU students in good standing are invited to apply for the position of Student Trustee on the Shawnee State University Board of Trustees.

Membership of the Shawnee State University Board of Trustees includes two student trustees who are appointed by the Governor upon recommendation by the University. The responsibilities of members of the Shawnee State University Board of Trustees include:

  1. To learn how Shawnee State University functions-its uniqueness, strengths, and needs; 

  2. To prepare for, regularly attend, and actively participate in the Board meetings and committee assignments; 

  3. To be willing to support the Board and work with fellow Board members in a spirit of cooperation; and 

  4. To work as a member of the Board to formulate policies for the University and avoid participating in administration of that policy unless specifically authorized to do so by the Board.

Student Trustees serve for two fiscal years. Current enrollment and good academic, social and financial standing are required for appointment.

The Board of Trustees meets six times a year, every other month, beginning in July of each fiscal year. Meetings are normally held in the afternoon on the second Friday of the month. Related committee meetings are normally held on the mornings of the Board meetings. A Student Trustee will be assigned to serve on one of the Board committees which are the Academic and Student Affairs Committee and the Finance and Administration Committee. Trustees are expected to attend meetings of the Board and a New Trustee Orientation.

Student Trustees should organize their class schedules in a way that enables them to fully participate in Board meetings.

During the academic year, Student Trustees may have the opportunity to attend a statewide meeting of Student Trustees.

The applications of individuals recommended by the President will be forwarded to the Governor's Office of Board and Commissions along with academic and social standing information.  Notification of appointment will come from the Governor's Office.

Board of Trustees

Contact Information

Pamela Otworth, Executive Assistant
(740) 351-3208

Shawnee State University
Office of the President
940 Second Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662

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