DIBS for Returning Students

Important Dates:

  • April 10—Call DIBS on your current space, if your space is eligible. Spaces that are not eligible will be notified via email and will have priority selection for a new space on April 11.
  • April 12—Calling DIBS on your new space for all returning housing students.

Remember, spaces are first come first serve so be sure to call DIBS fast!

How to apply for housing:

  1. Log onto your MYSSU account
  2. Click on the “Housing” tab on the top of the page
  4. Click Applications
  5. Select the Returner Housing Application that applies to you: If you’re in an eligible space and would like to reclaim your room, select the Returning Student Application DIBS to Reclaim. If you would like to claim a new space, select the Returning Student Application DIBS on a New Space.

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