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Bridge to Success

Become college-ready without taking on college debt. Through this six-week summer program, incoming freshmen are given the chance to complete any required developmental courses and receive career counseling to determine the best path to reaching their goals — whether that is through a college degree from Shawnee State or an alternate path with one of our education partners.

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At Shawnee State University, we want you to be successful. We want all students to reach their education goals, including earning a degree.

While we can't predict which students will be successful in college, we know that those who enter as freshmen with certain risk factors often struggle with college material. These students are more likely to fail courses, stop showing up for classes, and eventually drop out with college debt and no degree. When this happens, we all fail.

To help give you the extra support, skills, and attention you may need to be successful, we have created our Bridge to Success program that leads to a degree or alternate educational pathway.

Who is enrolled in Bridge to Success?

Students are identified as needing support when they enter college, based on placement scores (ACT, SAT). Students with two or more developmental needs (mathematics, English, reading) are enrolled in the program.

How do I enter the program? Is there a cost?

Based on your submitted placement scores, you will receive information with your acceptance letter explaining the summer bridge (dates, times and cost). Bridge to Success is a six-week, three-day-a-week academic program. The only cost to you is a $50 application fee. Instruction and textbooks are provided by Shawnee State University at no cost to the student. An application will be sent to your home mailing address with deadlines and detailed information based on your academic needs. 

What if my placement scores improve?

Many students schedule and retake placement assessments after applying and being accepted to SSU. If you have a more recent placement score that indicates you are college-ready and have sent it to SSU, you will be exempted from the Bridge program.

How does the program work?

To participate, complete the application and pay a $50 application fee.

The program will offer a set six-week schedule (three days a week) that includes academic courses and intensive intervention services (tutoring, small study groups) designed to get you started on the right foot.

Courses include developmental mathematics, English and reading that will prepare you for success in college-level classes. Your schedule will include the courses where your placement scores indicate remedial needs.

An academic advisor will meet with you regularly during summer and will work with your instructors to design academic success strategies.

In addition to developmental courses, you will be enrolled in a First-Year Experience course that will cover topics such as study skills, note taking, time management, and college life. Additionally, regional career technical and community colleges will present their programs and provide knowledge on educational pathways available.

At the end of the summer semester, your advisor - with support of your instructors - will evaluate your academic progress, goals, and participation in the bridge program. At this time, your advisor will make a formal recommendation for your enrollment at Shawnee State or another education pathway:
    • If, after the Bridge to Success program, you have made significant progress, your advisor may recommend that you be transitioned into your desired major or program, whether it be a two-year or four-year degree at Shawnee State.
    • If you have made progress, but would benefit from continued services, your advisor may recommend that you continue with the University College and complete your developmental courses in the fall at SSU or at an institution of your choice.  

    • If, after Bridge to Success, you have a record of poor class attendance, poor academic progress (not passing the courses) and poor participation, you will be dismissed from the program and from Shawnee State University. To re-enter Shawnee State University, you would need to demonstrate academic success elsewhere, such as community college or petition to the SSU academic appeals committee.

Will participation in this program guarantee success?

No, but it greatly improves your chances. Your success is ultimately up to you. We urge you to take advantage of all SSU services, such as free tutoring, access to computer labs, library, and advising. Most importantly. do not miss any classes and talk to your instructors if you are having problems.

We want you to be successful at Shawnee State University. The Bridge to Success program will ensure that you receive the services, support, and direction you need to become a successful college student and to succeed with your goals of earning a college degree.

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