Multi-Age Visual Arts Licensure (PreK-12)

The Multi-Age Visual Arts Licensure (PreK-12) program prepares arts specialists for the school system. The successful candidate will obtain an Ohio multiage visual arts teaching license for grades PreK-12.

The program is designed to reflect the Ohio art education standards. This program is purposefully "wide" in scope as these teachers should be competent to cover a wide range of arts teaching categories. The art education licensure program adheres to the Ohio Academic Content Standards in Fine Arts for PreK-12.

Course Checklists/Sequence Plans

     Catalog 2016-2017

     Catalog 2015-2016

License Test Requirements

Prior to Clinical Teaching our candidates must pass the Content Test (006). The Pedagogy Test (004) must be passed before the candidates can apply for license.

Content Test Art 006 220
Pedagogy Test Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Multi (PreK-12) 004 220

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