Social Science Minors

Minors offer students enrolled in any of SSU's baccalaureate programs an opportunity to broaden their course of study with an auxiliary focus. The department of Social Sciences invites students at SSU to consider a minor in any of the many offered by the department.

A minimum grade of "C" is required for any course within the minor. Courses taken on a pass/no-credit basis may not apply toward the minor. All minors are subject to all applicable baccalaureate degree and curricula rules and restrictions issued by the academic departments and the General Education Program. Please consult your advisor or contact the chair of the Department or consult the following sections for additional information.

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Minors in Social Sciences


Anthropology is the study of humanity. The minor in anthropology provides students the opportunity to study the field in an organized fashion. Learn more.


Criminology is the study of crime and criminal behavior. The criminology minor introduces students to the sociological and psychological study of criminality. Learn more.


Economics is the study of how business and personal decisions are made by people in a world of limited resources. Learn more.


Geography is the study of both environmental location and the relationship between human beings and their environment. Learn more.


The history minor provides an introduction to the study of humanity's past. Learn more.


Combining biology and psychology, the neuroscience minor provides an intricate examination of the workings of the brain and mind. Learn more.

Political Science

The political science minor exposes students to public policy and government, both nationally and internationally. Learn more.


The psychology minor introduces students to the science of behavior and thought processes. Learn more.

Religious Studies

The Religious Studies minor provides an opportunity to study religions of the world in a comparative, critical and academic perspective. Learn more.

Social Work

The social work minor exposes students to the profession of social work and its mission to enhance well-being and quality of life for all people, especially those who are oppressed, or vulnerable. Learn more.


Sociology is the study of society, as well as, a set of methods used for studying social issues. The sociology minor provides exposure to this broadly applicable field. Learn more.

Women's Studies

The women's studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on politics, culture, history and society from a woman's perspective. Learn more.

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