Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Sociology is a discipline within the larger field of Social Sciences and has as its major focus group behavior. As such, sociology examines the nature of human society and factors affecting its development, including culture, groups, organizations, and institutions. In recent years, sociology has expanded its focus, contributing to our knowledge of how people interact in institutions such as the military and correction institutions, business sectors like marketing and health care, and even how people interact with technology like mobile phones and the internet.

The study of sociology provides graduates with the scientific tools and the perspective necessary to better understand social issues and complex societal problems. Sociology students develop not only the skills necessary to work as sociologists, but also marketable skills. Many sociology graduates continue their education and pursue graduate-level studies in sociology, law, education, public administration, counseling and social work.

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This degree is coordinated by Dr. Jim Miller, Associate Professor of Sociology. For additional information please contact Dr. Miller at (740) 351-3446 or

Career Examples

Below are just a few of the careers that sociology majors have pursued:


A degree in sociology is helpful for those pursuing a career in business. Sociologists are frequently used in the business sector to provide guidance in market research, consumer trends, and to study the impact of social effects on various projects. Sociologists are frequently employed in sales and are able to utilize their broad understanding of diverse cultures and demographic groups to better their services to their clientele. For information on how sociology can be used in the business world, check out this guide (PDF).

Social Work

Upon graduation, many SSU students who major in sociology pursue careers in the field of social work. Social work is the primary field of professional social service and offers many career options. Examples of just a few areas of concentration in social work include child, family, or school social work, medical and public health social work, and mental health and substance abuse social work. Notably, SSU offers several social work courses within the sociology major. These courses are helpful to those who pursue work in the field and are especially helpful for those who attend graduate programs in social work. Students considering social work as a career are advised to continue their education with a Master's degree in Social Work. For more information on social work as a profession go to

Criminal Justice

Sociology students often pursue careers in the field of criminal justice, including law enforcement, the courts and corrections. Sociology graduates often work with or as detectives and profilers to help law enforcement officials identify criminals or crime patterns, complete evaluations for the courts, or work with individuals in correctional setting to aid in their rehabilitation and return to society. For more information on criminal justice, go to

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