Bachelor of Arts in Social Science

The social sciences study humans' behaviors and interactions, both with other humans and their physical environments. The social sciences include psychology, sociology, international relations, geography, history, political science, anthropology and economics. Each discipline emphasizes a different aspect of human behavior.

The social science major seeks to integrate these diverse fields, providing a coherent, holistic view of human behavior. The social sciences major may be particularly appropriate for students interested in working in government, law, business, or social services.

Degree Requirements Checklist

Degree Checklist (PDF)

Degree Requirements (PDF)

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This degree is coordinated by Dr. Darrell Rudmann, Associate Professor of Psychology. For additional information please contact Dr. Rudmann at (740) 351-3350 or

Career Examples

Below are just a few of the careers that social sciences majors have pursued:

Case Manager

Case managers assist clients requiring assistance of social service agencies. They help to assess the needs of the client, counsel clients on how to meet their needs, and link clients to needed community resources. Learn more about caseworkers at

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer coordinators organize and direct student and community volunteer services program in organizations engaged in public, social, and welfare activities. Volunteer coordinators frequently serve as liaison between the volunteers and the organizations administrative staff. They may be called upon to train and equip the volunteers. Learn more about volunteer coordinators at

Probation Officer

Probation officers are tasked with supervising offenders who have not yet been sentenced for crimes or offenders who have been sentenced to probation or given suspended sentences. The probation officer ensures that the terms of probation are enforced. Learn more about probation officers at

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