Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

Located academically in the Department of Social Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences, the BA in International Relations examines the nature of the global economy, communications, politics, and cultures; the consequences of the increasing environmental interdependence among regions of the world; and the unfolding of a variety of other cross border issues.

The BA in International Relations aims to provide its graduates with the conceptual and substantive tools necessary to function more advantageously and effectively in a “shrinking” world; the global village concept. The degree consists of courses from many academic disciplines such as government, economics, business, history, and sociology, and contains an SSU-first-ever foreign language requirement. This degree also places SSU in an exclusive group of four-year colleges and universities in the United States that offer this major and is listed by US News and World Report in the top 200 US best colleges offering this degree.

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This degree is coordinated by Dr. Clifford Poirot, Professor of Economics. For additional information please contact Dr. Poirot at (740) 351–3396 or

Career Examples

Intelligence Officer

Salary Range: $38,790 - $75,600 per year

Intelligence officers are responsible for producing intelligence assessments focusing on a specific foreign country or region and that area's political and military capabilities and developments. They are frequently called upon to analyze and monitor and military-political leadership, national military strategy, strategic doctrine, regional relations, security, and their impact on force developments. For more information on international relations jobs in the federal government, go to:

Investigative Assistant at Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Salary Range: $35,306 - $56,859 per year

Investigative assistants provide a wide range of technical, administrative, and clerical support to the immigration and customs investigations programs. These duties may include gathering data, conducting inquiries regarding individual case assignments, case research and trial preparation, and compiling information and figures for agent's use in investigations, seizures and penalty reports and as evidence in various cases. For more information on international relations jobs in the federal government, go to:

Foreign Affairs Officer

Salary Range: $89,033 - $115,742 per year

Foreign affairs officers help to develop governmental policies and procedures, prepare briefing materials and policy recommendations on international human rights issues, participate in negotiations, and assist in formulating U.S. positions on international issues. They may also be called on to develop negotiation strategies for U.S. positions and goals, and meet with representatives of other governments. For more information on international relations jobs in the federal government, go to:

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