Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

In an attempt to meet the local need as well as confront the changes in science, technology and nature and settings of nursing practice, Shawnee State University's Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Program admitted it's first class in the fall of 2012.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Baccalaureate Nursing Program is determined on a competitive basis. The total number of students admitted to the program is based upon available facilities and faculty. Qualified applicants are admitted to the Baccalaureate Nursing Program annually in the Fall semester. Qualified applicants are selected after the posted deadline (March 1st) and selection continues until all spaces in the class are filled.

Criteria for admission:

  • A college GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) at the end of the semester in which application is made.
  • A grade of “C” or higher in all pre-nursing course work, which includes the first two semesters and the summer session of the pre-nursing curriculum.
  • Nursing applicants must have a composite ACT score of 22 and a score of 18 in all ACT sections or greater than 20 hours of college credit.

To complete the admission process, you must present

  • Completion of health physical.
  • Current CPR Healthcare Provider certification.
  • State and Federal criminal background check.
  • Current negative urine drug screen (a five-panel screen).

Program Requirements

The Department of Nursing considers a grade of “C” (2.0) as the minimum passing grade for all required nursing and non-nursing courses. Courses graded with less than a “C” may result in academic dismissal from the program. Readmission to the nursing program is determined by the Department of Nursing policies as printed in the current Department of Nursing Student Handbook.

Degree Requirements

General Education Program 40 Hours
Required Nuring Courses 65 Hours
Required Non-Nursing Courses 19 Hours
Electives 3 Hours
Minimum Hours Required 127 Hours

Required Nursing/Health Science Courses (69 Hours)

Special Note:  Only those students officially accepted into the pre-licensure Baccalaureate Nursing Program are permitted to take courses with the BSNR prefix.

  • BSNR 2130 - Introduction to Professional Nursing Practice
  • BSNR 2160 - Fundamentals of Professional Nursing Practice
  • BSNR 2230 - Pharmacology in Professional Nursing
  • BSNR 2270 - Adult I: Nursing Management of the Adult with Acute Illness
  • BSNR 3130 - Professional Nursing Care of the Child and Family
  • BSNR 3140 - Professional Nursing Care of the Client with Alterations in Mental Health
  • BSNR 3230 - Professional Nursing Care of Childbearing Families
  • BSNR 3270 - Adult II: Advanced Nursing Management of the Adult with Acute and Chronic Illness
  • BSNR 3343 - Introduction to Nursing Research
  • BSNR 3363 - Health Assessment, Education &
  • BSNR 4170 - Adult III: Advanced Nursing Management of the Adult with Complex Illnesses
  • BSNR 4230 - Contemporary Issues in Professional Nursing
  • BSNR 4260 - Advanced Clinical Reasoning
  • BSNR 4453 - Leadership & Mgt in Prof Nursing
  • BSNR 4454 - Community Health Nursing

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