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Master of Science (M.S.) in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Shawnee State University offers a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Mathematics.  The focus of the program is the advanced study of mathematical concepts appropriate for those who want to teach college level mathematics either as an instructor at a community or technical college or as an adjunct instructor with a university.  Candidates for the program may also be classroom teachers who want to be credentialed to teach dual credit math courses.

The purpose of the degree program is to provide working professionals, especially high school teachers, with an accessible degree program, which will allow them to complete a graduate degree in mathematics while maintaining their current employment.  The degree is different from others offered in the area because of its delivery system and its targeted student population.

Graduate Program Information

The curriculum of the Master of Science in Mathematics includes 36-hours of study across 5000- and 6000-level courses in mathematics, statistics, probability and education research.  At the core of the degree is 30-hours of graduate level mathematics, statistics, and probability courses that are appropriate for those who wish to teach college level mathematics not requiring a doctoral degree.  The program is not intended for those seeking state licensure to teach mathematics in grades 7-12, but is appropriate for those seeking credentialing to teach college-level mathematics courses as part of a dual credit programs in high schools.

During the first year of program students will take courses that concentrate on enhancing the students’ mathematics content knowledge.  Students will begin the program in the Summer I session with Mathematical Analysis I, Statistics I, and Number Theory.  Students will likely enroll in Mathematical Analysis II in Fall I and in Abstract Algebra I in Spring I.  

The second year of program, begins in the Summer II session and consists of additional advanced-level content courses.  During Summer II students will likely enroll in Abstract Algebra II, Probability I, and Quantitative Methods and Test Theory.  The Quantitative Methods and Test Theory course will include multivariate statistical methods (from an educational research perspective) and testing theory.  Topics included are factorial ANOVA, MANOVA, ANCOVA, and MANCOVA, principal component analysis, and an introduction to measurement concepts and modern test theory (Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory).  Students will enroll in Regression II and Research I in Fall II and Foundations of Geometry and Research II in the Spring II.  

During the final semester of the program, Summer III, students will enroll in Advanced Perspectives and Research III.  Research III is a 1-credit course and is the capstone for the program.  In this course, students will complete the research study that was initially proposed and approved in Research I and present their results orally and in writing.

Master of Science (M.S.) in Mathematics

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