Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Shawnee State University has a long tradition of excellence in a variety of health related disciplines, many of which are two-year associate’s degree programs. Our Bachelor of Science with a major in Health Science provides a natural baccalaureate degree pathway for many of these health programs.

The four-year Health Science major caters to many different types of students interested in health services education. Students can choose to earn this degree independently of, or paired with, an associate degree, as well as select a minor of interest to supplement the knowledge gained through the health science curriculum. The degree requirements are flexible in order to allow opportunities for entrance and advancement in a wide variety of health related fields.

Earning a baccalaureate degree in Health Sciences provides you with the opportunity to advance your education in a health related field, as well as seek admittance into a health related master’s program. This pathway can also offer you the opportunity to work toward a baccalaureate degree while working toward acceptance into one of our selective health science programs.

Learning Outcomes for BS in Health Science

  1. The student will be knowledgeable of legal and ethical decision making and future trends with health related professions and careers.
  2. The student will be knowledgeable of psychological, social, and physical health science concepts that influence local and global communities.
  3. The student will be knowledgeable of basic administrative techniques, models and tools, with respect to health care management finance and leadership.
  4. The students will have the ability to analyze local and global health topics that influence disease treatment, legislation, prevention, and outcomes.
  5. The student will be able to demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills in topics related to the health science professions.
  6. The student will develop the ability to analyze and interpret research as related to health professions and current trends in health care. 

Allied Health Sciences

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