Photography is devoted to educating new artists in a contemporary world where photographic imagery and new representations of media inform and define our everyday experiences. Photographs cross boundaries between cultures, arts and individual personalities. Our program attempts to encourage development of the student through a range of courses from basic to advanced, historical to contemporary, analog to digital, and an array of critical concerns.  Students will grow through technical and creative allocations, and various technologies that have redefined photographic imaging in the 21st century.

Degree Requirements

Requirement Hours
General Education Program 32*
Art Core Requirements 30
Art Studio Concentration 30
Art Studio Electives 24
General Electives 6
Total Hours Required 122

* The Art Core contains three art history courses that satisfy requirements in the GEP. Consult your advisor for more information.

Photography Concentration (30 Hours - 10 courses)

ARTS2511 Photography 1 3
ARTS2512 Photography 2 3
ARTS2513 Digital Darkroom 3
ARTS3531 Documentary Photography 1 3
ARTS3532 Documentary Photography 2 3
ARTS3533 Studio Photography 1 3
ARTS3534 Studio Photography 2 3
ARTS3541 Portrait Photography 1 3
ARTS3542 Portrait Photography 2 3
ARTS3551 Location Photography 3
ARTS3553 View Camera Techniques 3
ARTS3561 Nature Photography 1 3
ARTS3562 Nature Photography 2 3
ARTS3591 Photojournalism Practicum 3
ARTS3592 Photojournalism Practicum 3
ARTS3622 Digital Video 1 3

Art Studio Electives ( 24 Hours - 8 Courses)

Choose any ARTS or ARTG outside of concentration.

General Electives (6 Hours - 2 courses)

Choose any course outside of ARTX.

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This degree is coordinated by the department chair. For information, contact (740) 351-3118.

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