Shawnee State has an excellent concentration in CERAMICS, affording strong foundations in both functional and sculptural techniques leading to more individualized approaches suitable for gallery, graduate school, and/or commercial production experiences.

The program features a fully equipped studio suite of six rooms, including computer controlled gas and electric kilns, multiple worktables, and electric throwing wheels.

Students who successfully complete this program will:
  • Develop proficiency in the tools and techniques related to this studio practice.
  • Create a cohesive body of work that is well considered and conceptually rigorous.
  • Utilize ceramic and other materials with consideration for their physical and artistic properties.
  • Employ a vocabulary for critique and presentation.

Degree Requirements

All bachelor degree seeking students take the General Education Program. Fine arts students select a concentration in ceramics, drawing, painting. or photography as well as studio courses outside of their concentration for electives.

Download an outline for how a four year sequence might look for each major.

Requirement Hours
General Education Program 32*
Art Core Requirements 30
Art Studio Concentration (Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, or Photography) 30
Art Studio Electives 24
General Electives 6
Total Hours Required 122

* The Art Core contains three art history courses that satisfy requirements in the GEP.

Elective Requirements

  • Art Studio electives: Choose 24 hours of ARTG and/or ARTS.
  • General electives: Choose 6 hours of courses other than ART.

Studio Concentration

Ceramics and Sculpture Concentration (30 Hours - 10 courses)
ARTS 2411 Ceramics 1 3
ARTS 2412 Ceramics 2 3
ARTS 3411 Intermediate Ceramics 1 3
ARTS 3412 Intermediate Ceramics 2 3
ARTS 3431 Raku Ceramics 3
ARTS 3421 Porcelain Ceramics 3
ARTS 3433 Glaze Theory and Practice 3
ARTS 3425 Tile Making 3
ARTS 3423 Mold Making 3
ARTS 3427 Low Fire Ceramics 3
ARTS 4431 Advanced Raku Ceramics 3
ARTS 4421 Advanced Porcelain Ceramics 3
ARTS 4433 Advanced Glaze Theory and Practice 3
ARTS 2441 Sculpture 1 3
ARTS 2442 Sculpture 2 3
ARTS 3441 Intermediate Sculpture 1 3
ARTS 3442 Intermediate Sculpture 2 3
ARTS 4441 Advanced Sculpture 1 3
ARTS 4442 Advanced Sculpture 2 3
ARTS 3451 Small Model Sculpture 3

Get Started

This degree is coordinated by the department chair. For information, contact (740) 351-3118.

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