Art Teacher Education Major

Successful candidates in this program will earn a multiage visual arts teaching license that qualifies them to teach art in high school or to be a middle school or elementary arts supervisor/art teacher. It does not prepare nor allow the recipient to teach general elementary school classes. Students wishing to pursue this concentration must apply to the teacher education program. This concentration adheres to the standards set forth by NCATE (National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education) and Ohio Department of Education Rule 3301-24-02. It also meets the guidelines of the State Competency Arts Education Model in the field of visual arts. The program is broad in artistic scope and includes work in most studio areas.

Degree Requirements

Students seeking art education licensure must be admitted to the SSU teacher education program.

Requirement Hours
General Education Program 34
Art Core Requirements* 27
Art Studio Studies 18
Art Studio Electives 15
Professional Education Core 17
Human Development 9
Reading Requirements 3
Art Education Licensure Curriculum 21
Total Hours Required 144

* Art Education students may count ARTH 3366 for both the GEP and the Art Core requirements.

Art Studio Studies (18 Hours)

ARTS 2411 Ceramics 1 3
ARTS 1105 Digital Foundations 3
ARTS 2221 Life Drawing 1 3
ARTS 2211 Drawing 1 3
ARTS 2511 Photography 1 3
ARTS 2311 Painting 1 3

Art Studio Electives (15 Hours)
Choose any ARTS or ARTG course in the catalog.

Professional Education Core (17 Hours)

EDUC 1115 Introduction to Education 3
EDUC 2230 Instructional Media, Technology and Computers 3
EDUC 2240 Foundations of Education 3
EDUC 2245 Multi-Cultural Education 2
EDUC 2248 Diversity: Cultures and Exceptionalities 1
EDUC 2250 Exceptional Learning Needs 2
EDUC 3310 Curriculum and Assessment 3

Art Education Human Development (9 Hours)

PSYC 1110 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSYC 3112 Educational Psychology 3
PSYC 2130 Child and Adolescent Psychology 3

Art Education Reading Requirements (3 Hours)

EDRE 3305 Content Area Reading 3

Art Education Licensure Curriculum (21 Hours)

EDVA 3385 Action Research: Home, School and Community Relations 3
EDVA 4400 Curriculum, Instruction and Management Strategies 3
EDVA 4490 Clinical Practice and Seminar: Art Education 10
ARTP 4401 Methods of Teaching Art in Grades P - 3 3
ARTP 4402 Methods of Teaching Art in Grades 4 - 12 3

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