Associate of Science in Engineering Preparatory Studies

The College of Professional Studies and the College of Arts and Sciences offer a two-year pre-engineering program to students who intend to pursue a career in engineering. Designed for students who wish to transfer to a traditional engineering school, this two-year curriculum includes technical, humanities, and liberal arts courses. Pre-engineering students are enrolled in the Department of Industrial and Engineering Technologies or College of Arts and Sciences and are advised by appropriate faculty. These faculty are also available to help you decide which particular branch of engineering you might wish to pursue.

While this curriculum is designed to meet the general needs of many traditional engineering institutions, you should verify any specific needs of the school and discipline of your choice. In addition, most of this coursework will satisfy scholastic requirements if you wish to pursue a degree in engineering technology or natural sciences, concentrating in physics, through Shawnee State University. Students completing this curriculum are strongly recommended to apply for the associate of science degree to facilitate transfer to an engineering program at a 4-year institution.

Associate of Science in Engineering Preparatory Studies Requirements



Course No. Course Credit Hrs.

First Year: FALL TERM

CHEM 1141 General Chemistry 1 4
ENGL 1102 Discourse & Composition 3
ETEC 1302 Computing Systems 3
MATH 2110 Calculus 1 4
SOCI 1101 Introduction to Sociology 3
  Totals 17


CHEM 1142 General Chemistry 2 4
ENGL 1105 Composition & Argumentation 3
ETCA 1301 Parametric Modeling 3
ETEC 1103 Structured Programming 3
MATH 2120 Calculus 2 4
  Totals 17

Second Year: FALL TERM

ETEC 2301 Data Structures 3
IDST 2225 Civilization & Literature 1 3
MATH 2300 Linear Algebra 3
PHYS 2211 Calculus-Based Physics 1 4
PSYC 1101 Introduction to Psychology 3
  Totals 16

Second Year: SPRING TERM

ARTH 1101 Introduction to Art 3
COMM 1103 Public Speaking & Human Comm. 3
ECON 2202 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
IDST 2227 Civilization & Literature 3 3
MATH 3100 Ordinary Differential Equations 3
PHYS 2212 Calculus-based Physics 2 3
  Totals 18
  Total Credit Hours 68

For more information on courses and options available in the Engineering Preparatory Studies program, contact:

Department Chair: Larry (Skip) Miller

Department Secretary: Cindy Hopkins

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