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Closing Speaker

Research in Unconventional Settings: Video Games and Cell Phones as Applied Research Areas

Jeffrey Kuznekoff, PhD, Assistant Professor of Communication at Miami University Middletown

Thursday, March 27, 2014
11 am–noon LIB 205, Clark Memorial Library

Jeffrey KuznekoffNew research areas often require innovative research designs. In particular, multiplayer video games and mobile phones represent two new, but massively popular, technologies that the scholarly community is still trying to understand. This presentation will focus on two studies that explore these areas further. The first study examined multiplayer matches of the video game Halo 3, to see what effect gender voice had on player responses within the game. This involved playing in and recording over 100 multiplayer matches of Halo 3. The second study conducted an experiment to determine the effects of texting, during classroom lecture, on student learning. Both studies employed innovative research designs in order to understand these areas more fully.

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