Minors in Business Administration

Minor in Business Administration

The minor in business administration provides the opportunity for nonbusiness students to gain common business knowledge and skills that enhance future supervisory and management career opportunities in diverse types of organizations.  In addition, the minor covers most of the basic business courses requires as prerequisites in many MBA programs.


Course Title Hours
BUAC 2010 Intro to Financial Acct. Prin. 3
BUAC 2030 Intro. to Managerial Acct. Prin. 3
BUIS 1010 Computer Applications 1 3
BUFI 2450 Principles of Finance 3
BULW 2700 Legal Environment of Business 3
BUMG 3100 Management Principles 3
BUMK 3100 Marketing Principles 3
BUOA 1150 Spreadsheet Applications 3

Minor in Entrepreneurism

The entrepreneurism minor will help students start their own businesses, whether Business or non-Business major.

Requirements (23 Hours)

  • BUAC 1010 - Accounting Principles 1
  • BUAC 1020 - Accounting Principles 2
  • BUIS 1500 - Foundations of Web Development OR BUIS 4500 - E-commerce
  • BUMG 2250 - Organization/Operation Small Bus
  • BUMG 3100 - Management Principles
  • BUMK 3100 - Marketing Principles


Choose one elective from the following:

  • BUMG 2350 - Personnel Management
  • BUMG 3400 - International Business
  • BUMK 3200 - Sales Management
  • BUMK 3300 - Consumer Behavior
  • BUMK 3400 - Marketing Communications
  • BUMK 4150 - International Marketing
  • BUMK 4400 - Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • ETCO 2225 - Indus Mgt/Occup Safety/Health

Minor in Health Administration

The health management minor is designed for students enrolled in clinical health care programs who wish to develop their managerial skills.  (It should be noted that the minor does not qualify a person to sit for the national and state nursing home license exam.)  The minor requires 21 hours of health management courses.


Course Title Hours
BUHE 3100 Orientation to Health Care Systems 3
BUHE 3120 Health Care Personnel Management 3
BUHE 4100 Patient Care in Ext. Care Facil. OR 3
BUHE 4150 Admin in Acute Care Facilities  
BUHE 4110 Admin. in Extended Care Facilities OR 3
BUHE 4160 Mgt. Issues in Acute Care Facilities  
BUHE 4200 Prob. in Health Care Mgt. & Policy 3

Optional Courses

Complete at least 6 hours from the following.

Course Title Hours
BUAC 3030 Accounting App for Management Decisions 3
BUHE 4300 Health Care Reimb. & Payments 3
BULW 2700 The Legal Environment of Business 3
BUMK 3100 Marketing Principles 3

BUHE 4100, 4110, 4150, or 4160 are also optional if not taken as one of the required courses.

Minor in Information Systems

The minor in Information Systems provides the opportunity for students to gain technical knowledge and skills that enhance their ability to apply Information Systems tools and techniques in diverse careers and organizations. The minor requires 21 hours (7 classes), comprised of a core of 6 essential IS courses plus 3 credit hours of IS elective of the student's choice.


Course Title Hours
BUIS 1010 Computer Applications 3
BUIS 1300 Introduction to Programming and Application Development 3
BUIS 1500 Foundations of Web Development 3
BUIS 2000 Intro PC Hardware/Operating Sys 3
BUIS 3100 Data and Information Management 3
BUIS 3200 Systems Analysis and Design 3
BUIS #### Elective 3

Minor in Marketing

Marketing impacts our daily lives. All organizations depend on marketing communications to persuade and inform their "customers". Regardless of whether the "business" markets a cause, service, or good; managers will use marketing principles to achieve their objectives. A minor in marketing will expose you to the dynamic and diverse nature of the field of marketing. The student will have the opportunity to complete several "real-world" projects and should acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue management opportunities that require an understanding of marketing.


Course Title Hours
BUMK 3100 Marketing Principles 3
BUMK 3200 Sales Managemen 3
BUMK 3300 Consumer Behavior 3
BUMK 4000 Marketing Management 3


Choose three courses from the following:

Course Title Hours
BUIS 4500 E-commerce 3
BUMK 3400 Marketing Communications 3
BUMK 4150 International Marketing 3
BUMK 4400 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3
SSSM 3500 Sport Marketing 3

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