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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration With a Concentration in Marketing

The BSBA with a concentration in Marketing is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of marketing. Graduates of this program will find employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors, locally and around the world. The marketing concentration is designed to teach student the concepts and theories in marketing, then provide an opportunity to apply their training when working with local businesses and organizations. Students will spend a substantial amount of time learning to use technology to solve specific marketing problems.

Degree Requirements: 120 hours

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration With a Concentration in Marketing

Category Credit Hours
GEP 31-33
Required Non-Business Courses 12
Business Core Courses 36
Business Electives 9
Marketing Concentration Courses 18
Marketing Electives 12
General Electives 2
Minimum hours required 120

General Education Program (Total 31-33 hrs.)

GEP Quantitative Reasoning component is satisfied in the Required Non-Business Courses.

Required Non-Business Courses (Total 12 hrs)

Course Title Hours
ECON 2201 Microeconomics 3
ECON 2202 Macroeconomics 3
MATH 1500 Principles of Statistics 3
MATH 1700 Applied Finite Math 3

Business Core Courses (Total 36 hrs)

Course Title Hours
BUAC 2010 Intro to Financial Accounting Principles 4
BUAC 2030 Intro to Managerial Accounting Principles 4
BUIS 1010 Computer Applications 3
BUFI 3450 Managerial Finance 3
BULW 2700 Legal Environment of Business 3
BUMG 2900 Professional Communications 3
BUMG 3100 Management Principles 3
BUMG 3550 Quantitative Methods in Business 3
BUMG 3850 Production/Operations Management 3
BUMG 4850 Business Policy & Strategy 3
BUMK 3100 Marketing Principles 3
BUOA #### BUOA Elective Choose one: 3
BUOA 1150 Spreadsheet Applications  
BUOA 1170 Database Applications  
BUOA 1140 Word Processing Applications  
BUIS 2100 Intro to Information Systems  

BUAC 1010/1020 may be taken as an alternative to BUAC 2010/2020 to satisfy the business core accounting requirements. Students should be aware that both Accounting sequences cover the same amount of material. Therefore, students electing the BUAC 2010/2030 should be prepared for a faster pace, more intensive coverage of the material.

Business Electives (Total 9 hrs)

Course Title Hours
BUXX #### Business Elective 3
BUXX #### Business Elective 3
BUXX #### Business Elective 3

Marketing Concentration (Total 18 hrs)

Course Title Hours
BUMK 3300 Consumer Behavior 3
BUMK 3400 Marketing Communications 3
BUMK 4000 Marketing Management 3
BUMK 4250 Marketing Research 3
BUMK 4400 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3
BUMK 4995 Marketing Practicum 3

Marketing Electives (Total 12 hrs)

Course Title Hours
BUMK #### Marketing Elective 3
BUMK #### Marketing Elective 3
BUMK #### Marketing Elective 3
BUMK #### Marketing Elective 3

General Electives (2 hrs)

Note A - Business majors should not take MATH 1100 Two hours of non-business courses may be in physical education (SSPE).

Math/English Sequence

Placement in beginning English and Math courses is determined by the Math and English Placement Test. The required Math courses in the Business Core are MATH 1500 & MATH 1700. Any non-developmental Math courses (1010 or higher) taken to meet the prerequisites for these courses may be credited as ELECTIVES toward the BSBA degree.

Transfer Credits

A minimum of 24 hours of the business core must be completed at Shawnee State University.

Upper Level/Lower Level Course Credit

Any student having earned credit for an upper-level course cannot subsequently apply credit for a lower sequence course toward graduation. Example: A student who earned credit for BUMG 3100 could not subsequently use the lower-level BUMG 2100 to receive course credits toward graduation. This is also applicable to BUFI 2450 and BUMK 2100.

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