Associate Degree in Business Management Technology

Management is the ability and skill to develop a plan, to organize people and other resources, and to guide and motivate others to achieve some desired result. All organizations are trying to achieve some goal; therefore, all organizations need people with managerial knowledge and skills to help them accomplish their goals. For this reason, there are many diverse job opportunities available to people who possess management knowledge and skills.

Whether you’re just entering the job market or returning to college to improve your job opportunities, the business management program includes courses that will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to analyze an organization’s problems and to develop, organize, communicate, and implement solutions to those problems. Much of this knowledge and many of these skills are universal—they apply to all kinds of organizations at many levels. When you complete the program you are equipped to begin your career in various entry-level supervisory, administrative, management trainee, or sales positions.

Some business management courses are offered only in the evening and some are offered only once per year. Consult your advisor when scheduling. 

Degree Requirements

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